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Friday, September 21, 2012

THis is it!

And we are off!!

After 3 hours of sleep last night I am very much looking forward to the 13 hour flight. It’s not that I could not sleep…I could not stop cleaning. Call it nervous energy or nesting…but I cleaned like I wouldn’t clean again in the next 6 months. But I promise it wont last- just made me feel better 

It was supper hard saying goodbye to the kids again…that’s the worst! We were blessed by a group of surprise visitors last night- some awesome people

dropped by to pray over us before our journey…that was so special- thank you friends!

We are now sitting here at JFK waiting to board a Very long plane to Dubai. Thankfully, it’s a fast layover and we should arrive in Ethiopia Saterday at 2:00pm. (Ethiopia is 7 hours ahead of us.)

So here’s the run down that I’ve learned not to believe- but I’ll give it to you anyways.

Saterday: arrive, settle in the guest house- and go see the girls!!

We are ‘highly encouraged’ to visit them for 2-3 day before we take them to the hotel…we’ll see if Mike could handle following the rules ;)

Sunday: we got in touch with Yemamu- the man who runs the children’s feeding center in Korah (trash dump in the city.) He told us that we can meet up with him and go to church in Korah again…sooooo looking forward to this!!!!

Monday & Tuesday: visit the girls at the orphanage

Also our church bought Bibles for all the Hopechest sponsor kids at Hands for the Needy. Mike and I are going to brave the city of Addis and pick them up.

Wednesday: Our Embassy Appointment!!! This is what we were waiting for. We take the girls to the embassy and file the papers. It takes 2 days to process the paperwork and receive the actual visa’s in hand…so that’s what we wait for the next 2 days.

I think this will be the day that the twins will leave the orphanage and stay with us in the hotel. Im giddy thinking about it…I have NO idea what to expect!!! And yes- packing their jammy’s was the highlight of my packing 

Thursday: Huge anticipation of this day. We are taking the girls to hand out the Bibles with us at the children at Hopechest’s feeding center. Yeamamu said all the children will be there including ‘our sweet Yitiyal’ whom we met last time. I cant wait!!!


Praying that the visas get in our hands Friday morning because we have flights to catch Friday afternoon!

Unfortuanly we have that long layover in Dubai again. I wanted to avoid Dubai with the girls because it is pretty flashy and even made me feel like I was in the ‘Jetsons.’ Waterfalls, light up floors and spouting water fountains…it felt like Epcot and Im hoping the girls don’t think that we have left the planet on that airplane. Not to mention we have to wait their for SIX hours…and don’t board the plane until 2am! Be praying Friday!

We arrive home bright and early Saterday morning…jet-lag or not....eager to unite our family of Seven! This is gonna be Awesome 

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Leah Good said...

Yay! Praying for you.