"Once our eyes are opened, we can't pretend we don't know what to do. God who weighs our hearts and keeps our souls knows that we know, and holds us responsible to ACT"...Proverbs 24:12

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Merry Christmas...Pt. 2

The kids slept together in one room on Christmas Eve...I had the monitor on so we could hear them when they woke up. Jacob was 1st, "Hey, wake up it's Christmas..."
Then the small herd jumps on our bed to open stockings...it's amazing the difference this year w/ Sova- she definatly got the hang of it - (Last year she was mad and grumpy that we woke her up and she didnt even want to open her stocking!)

I love this...it's all so magical for 3 year olds! They were excited about even there new toothbrushes!
So 1st up- coffee, music, cinnabons in oven, light candle- sing 'Happy Birthday to Jesus!', and then...it's present time!

Sova's theme was- dolls dolls dolls
Nana's Crew

We are missing 2 this year...Joce remember the classic, it's 'Christmas in Conecticut' not 'Christmas in California.' ;)
The Famous Stairway...the 'kids' -kids picture is growing every year- double rate!

Come by sometime and Jacob the meterologist will tell you his weather predictions :)

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Part 1

Last weekend we had a 'fun- old fashioned family sleepover' for our Christmas celebration w/ Michael's family.
We timed it perfect and spent the night while a snow storm dumped several inches while we were all sleeping. I wasnt feeling well and later found out I had/have phnomonia...but that didnt spoil any of the wonderful memories we made that special Christmas snowy weekend :)

First up: Christmas Cookies! It was the shirts vs. skins bake off ;)
skins- I mean-Sova won for most sugar on her cookies...I think 1/2 the container was dumped on just one cookie.
Hmmm...it looks like someone is waitng to open her stocking!
Caleb is showing off his extra large chocolate Kiss from Grandma...he was shocked at the size- it was so cute because that has become their little thing...they know Grandma leaves them kisses around the house...this one was extra special :)
The anticipation has come to it's climax...
It's official: My battle to keep video games out of the house was defeated...and the kids were elated...(dont tell them Mike and I stay up too late batteling eachother in Mario!) I think Jacob was shocked that he actually has a Wii. I'll admit...the thing is cool :)
Uncle Brian giving some nerf tips to Caleb :)All Dolled Up...
she was so happy to recieve her 1st- 'talking doll' and it came w/ a beautiful matching dress for her...she looks like a flower girl in it...so pretty.

Mr. and Mrs. Claus in the flesh!
The elves...I mean Erin and Uncle Robby busy putting together Caleb's hotwheels set :)
Caleb braveing the windy freezing aftermath... for about 10 minutes...after about 7 minutes of clothes prep per kid= over 20 minutes of preparation= worth it for a few good pics :)

Thanks Mary & Greg, Rob, Erin & Brian for a wonderful Christmas weekend...love u all!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Sova Grace hates breakfast- she litteraly gags it down-noises and all...anything! I rotate between cereal, oatmeal, waffles, pancakes, eggs, and smoothies...Nada...I have to force her to eat...every morning...

Lunch: she will eat 1/2 of whatever I giver her usually...

Dinner: Take a look at the above picture...she can eat her dinners!
She loves dinner time/ dinner food...she loves salads, soups, chicken and potatoes best. She licks her plate clean almost everynight and then complains, 'aww not again- I have a fat tummy!'
THis picture was left over night...she wanted it all!

Gotta love boxes!This is a common sight lately and I couldnt be happier
This spring/summer there were issues between Jacob and Sova at a peak- just the common big brother teasing stuff but it was driving me crazy...
Anyways praise God something changed and they are getting along Amazingly well. Jacob is going through some marvelous sweetie phase- and just plain cheerful and nice to everyone...I've ben getting alot of spontanious hugs and greatful remarks like last nights, "mom, your awesome- Im so glad your my mom!' (gotta write that one down for any hard days we have ahead ;)
(is it possible the above children are only 13 months apart...Jacob is exactly double her weight 32/62!)

Decking the Halls!
Decemeber is so fun! We blasted Christmas music and drank cocoa while watching- I mean helping ;) Mike put up the lights Walking in a Winterwonderland

Monday, October 26, 2009

Lovin Fall!

Wow- I guess I havent updated this in a month?
Maybe it's because Im simply enjoying my favorite season :)
You can see the kids are too -
Here's my little hero :)

'Sova-Grace jumping off into a pile of leaves'
(opps- I forgot to turn it)
Like mother like son :)
I love my Sunday afternoons of watching Jacob's games... the 1st few games he could not stop waving to us! Every 5 seconds he would look up and wave- it was so funny. My soccer stud.

Sova loves helping me in the kitchen- whenever Im cooking she has to know everything about anything that Im doing. Fall inspires me to cook more homemade things for some reason- here she's showing our 'fall leaves cookies' (w/PB fudge center!)

The cousins day out! What a crew...

On our way to the Apple Harvest-
If you could only hear these 2 playing together- it's adorable, they play so well- I pray they're BFF's forever :)
(Look- aunty jaja...Sova-Grace has your knobby knees ;)

Our 3 Little Pumpkins
Oh want to freeze them in time! I know we will all have so much fun together when they are older- but I can litteraly break out in tears when I see how FAST they grow! Slow down my babies- Maybe I shouldnt be buying those expensive supper vitamins! Even looking back at Sova's 1 year is shocking to Mike and I- she came w/ a baby face and now she is a sprouting bean pole (again a Ja-Ja representation!) Oh dear...so if anyone stops by and see's a messy home- I dont care...Im out playing w/ my kids that are growing up too fast!

Monday, September 28, 2009

School Days

I cant believe that it's going to be October this week- this month flew by...
So in August I was almost dreading starting up school w/ the kids...the free- no schedule lazy days of summer were so...easy :)
BUT I'm Loving it! I think it helps that fall IS my favorite season. But I truly love teaching these kiddos...
Here was our 1st day of school...all ready w/ their fruit smoothy brain boosters- dont they look excited ;)
Last year Jacob and I started an afternoon ritual...when I put down the kids and it's time for the 'real' stuff (math, reading, writing) we have tea together at the table. Here he's showing off his tin cup and the coconut that we learned how to break open by watching a 'how to' video on you-tube...
big knife+ strong wack= nervous kids
Question: what do you do once you open the coconut?

Music to a mama's ears...Jacob reading to the 'little ones' as he calls them I guess I should have expected this...
Sova's a genius :)
I was quite nervous about teaching her for some reason- maybe the whole 'she just learned how to speak English several months ago thing!'
Well I started doing phonics w/ her 4 weeks ago and she has already read several words by herself!

I found a fun way to keep Caleb busy: freeze candy and toys in a bucket of ice and have him chop at it all morning! Just kidding- that would be mean right? This was just plain fun for them.
The Turner kids have the best recess in town!
We have been putting on little skits...3 kids make a great #...we did Goldilocks and the 3 bears and the 3 Little Pigs. After reading the stories we find props and even little costumes and do a play. They Loved this so much that they started making up their own at night for Mike and I. Here they had Sova in her flower towel- lie on the ground and they poured water on her to make her grow...it was quite creative :)
Enjoying an eye- spy together...when they should be sleepingJust had to throw this is in...she's so stinkin cute.
So this is my class of 2009...we are on to a great start!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Field Trips :)

Yesterday was 'Homeschooling Day' at Sturbridge Village.

It was a wonderful day but I am still recovering! I took the kids by myself and that self had an awful cold :)
I cant remember how many times I had to take them to the bathroom! But I can remember the look on their faces as they watched the horse drawn carriage tromp past them, watching them run up and down the little houses exploring, and watching in awe as the old fashion characters talked about what type of work they were doing. They loved it! As a kid I always wished that I lived in that era- I think I still do :)
We went on the little boat ride but Caleb and Sova were disappointed because they thought the boat was going to go fast. Even though Sova has been here a year- things still pop up that are new to her...like a boat...this was her first and she watched the man steer w/ his steering wheel and she said, 'is this a car boat?' I guess she didnt know some boats have steering wheels :)
The highlight of the day was...The Tin Shop. Jacob was enthralled w/ the tin worker. The man was working on a lantern all day and Jacob wanted to stop into his little shop throughout the day to see how it was coming along. The man got a kick out of Jacob and every time we visited he asked Jacob to hold something for him- which made Jacob stand up straight and glance over at me to make sure I saw the important job he was doing.
Our last stop was again the tin man and Caleb just about had enough- he was exhausted and needed his car seat! I told Jacob we had to go and he quickly said ok and thank-you to the man and walked out. The man said he was impressed w/ Jacob listening to his mama so well that he ran after us to give Jacob on of his creations...a tin cup. He told us not to tell anyone because he is not supposed to do this.
If you could have seen the look on Jacobs face...you would have thought that cup was filled w/ an everlasting bag of candy! The whole ride home he talked about how much he loves 'the tin man' and that he was going to send him a giftcard! He is so proud of his little cup- make sure you ask him about it when you see him!

Sova-Grace looking out of the 'car boat' in her bonnet...(actaully that was my bonnet when I was little that I got in Amish Country :)

And...here are some pics from the the Hebron Fair...
Jacob got to hold a baby chick- so cute.
Caleb lovin the kid quads