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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Merry Christmas...Pt. 2

The kids slept together in one room on Christmas Eve...I had the monitor on so we could hear them when they woke up. Jacob was 1st, "Hey, wake up it's Christmas..."
Then the small herd jumps on our bed to open stockings...it's amazing the difference this year w/ Sova- she definatly got the hang of it - (Last year she was mad and grumpy that we woke her up and she didnt even want to open her stocking!)

I love this...it's all so magical for 3 year olds! They were excited about even there new toothbrushes!
So 1st up- coffee, music, cinnabons in oven, light candle- sing 'Happy Birthday to Jesus!', and then...it's present time!

Sova's theme was- dolls dolls dolls
Nana's Crew

We are missing 2 this year...Joce remember the classic, it's 'Christmas in Conecticut' not 'Christmas in California.' ;)
The Famous Stairway...the 'kids' -kids picture is growing every year- double rate!

Come by sometime and Jacob the meterologist will tell you his weather predictions :)

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