"Once our eyes are opened, we can't pretend we don't know what to do. God who weighs our hearts and keeps our souls knows that we know, and holds us responsible to ACT"...Proverbs 24:12

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Dancing Queen and King

Campfire in our backyard

My 2 peanuts are lately the dancing queen and king. The last few days they will request to dance- Sova puts on seriously- 5 leotards that were given to her- I ask her to choose one and she points to each one and laughs- maybe she's trying to stay warm :)
Caleb will put on his capes and occasionaly a cinderella dress ;0
THen they blast music and dance around. You can see the nurturing influence that Sova has on Caleb- after seeing Sova's doll in dresses- he too has deceided it's about time to put clothes on Lamby.
So we are 10 weeks in now w/ Sova and I feel like I have a good routine now. I even have a whooping 15- 20 minutes to myself after I work w/ Jacob before Sova wakes up...that's why my blogs are rather rushed w/ not much thought ;) Like clockwork my sleepy Indian Princess wakes up and runs over to cuddle on my lap while I finish typing...I must go cuddle.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

The kids are pretending to be Peter, Micahel and Wendy- they are about to Fly!
They just love to hold hands and count and jump. They will play this everyday for quite a long time or usually until someone gets a little hurt ;) (hey kids need excercise right?) THey are really into Peter Pan right now- we had a family movie night- we pushed the couches together to make a 'pirate ship' and had popcorn and grapes (sova absolute favorite foods are grapes and chicken) This was possibly the 1st movie Sova sat through-probrably because she was on my lap. When we told Jacob about the 'special night' planed- you would have thoguht we told him we were going to Disney World- this kids loves anything with the word 'special' in it!
Durring a jumping session I caught Jacob saying, "Sova come give me a hug...I love you...I cant believe I have a sister!" I think it recently really sunk in with him. These last couple weeks something has changed in them and they really bonded- he love's to play with her.
Although I must say that her and Caleb are like to peas in a pod. They actually play a bit better than her and Jacob do. They work together well when playing and have alot of laughs.
The picture of Caleb and Sova in 'wonder box.' Mike installed a big microwave above our stove this week and the box has been something pretty special around here- they've played just about everything in that box (if someone has a refridgerator box call me :) I cant help but smile when I see Sova in those pink sleepers. All year for some reason that was the vision that I saw her in. Obviously I thought about her alot last year and when I thought about her...she had pink sleepers on... I have know idea why but she did- so when a saw those in a bag of clothes someone gave me I couldnt wait to put them on her :)

Monday, October 20, 2008

ninja boy

Jacob's in his 3rd week of Karate and loving it!
Mike made a homemade hayride and pulled the kids around nana's block with is quad-
Jacob was a nija, Caleb was dumbo and Sova was a butterfly :)
Those 10 hairclips were not part of the costume- she just likes as many clips as possible- I never imagined having to sneak pulling clips out of her hair as we go out in public- but I do :)
She definatly has stange dressing preferances- as I type she has 2 dresses on- one on top of the other- I dont ask because she cant answer ;)
Well tonight is the test of if our computer can be saved or not!
I hear the hose on outside w/ screams so I must go.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Im back...kind of :)

Ok twist my arm Sarah- I'll start blogging again. But just so you know...it's just for you ;)
Sadly our computer crashed and Im in Mike's office on his laptop. Our computer had ALL of our pictures- 7 years worth...including babies and India! Someone is coming over next week to take a look at it and try to recover what was lost...Im in denial that the pictures may be lost.
So once our computer is fixed I think I will update this site w/ some great pics :)
hopefully next week-
We are going over an Indian familiy's house tonight for dessert- they are from our old church and we thought it might be cool for Sova to meet an Indian family.