"Once our eyes are opened, we can't pretend we don't know what to do. God who weighs our hearts and keeps our souls knows that we know, and holds us responsible to ACT"...Proverbs 24:12

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Disney Part 2 :)

Soooo where did we leave off?

Oh ya- it's vacation... and that means cookies in bed!

And a very long paddle boat around our little lake

And Swimming School once again...

Oh my do they LOVE to swim! When we were not at a park we swam ALL day long! Caleb enjoys playing on his own in the water best. For hours we would just wade in the kiddy side and play w/ a tube or a water squirter.

Jacob Loved making friends this year. There was a certain boy he played w/ alot- they were so excited everytime they saw eachother it was sweet. But the really funny thing is that Jacob seems to make friends where ever he goes... THe first day I spot him swimming near the stairs where a group 40-50 yr. old woman were sitting- he was carrying on a conversation for a very long time- Mike and I finnaly go over there and come to find out the women know all about us- our names, mikes profession, where we live, even our church name! When we left Jacob had to run over and 'say bye to my friends!' THe next day I see him in the hot tub w/ a retired man shooting the breeze for 15 minutes! He cracks me up.

Sova really wanted her swimmies off - this summer they will be off- she loves swimming w/out them but we still have to be right there because she goes under 'occasionaly' :)

Lego Dogs

Yay Epcot I Love! Here we found the lines the longest- one was over 80 minutes of barely ever moving...Thank God for Very Large Lolipops! I dont know if we went on more rides or more bathroom visits- it was pretty incredible...3 times we were in Very hard to get out of lines when the potty called...one was when we litteraly were the next ones to get on the 80 min. wait ride- and that little girl I knew would be soakin wet in 30 seconds if we didnt take her- It was like the 6th grade 50 yard dash all over again for me!

Caleb was very leary of the Big Dudes dressed up- 1/2 the time he would not even take a pic. w/ the other kids...

My little man was quite the sensitive one...He was scared of almost every single ride. He made me hold him throughout the line and he would ask over and over again, "Is it scary, is it dark, is it wet, is it fast, does it drop, are there spookey eyes....on and on and on."

He did do every ride his height allowed...including Splash Mt! But he ran out of the Tiki Bird's line screaming- I looked like a kidnapper chasing my child- finnaly cornering him while he is screaming 'no'!' Poor kid- probrably will never bring his kids here!

Animal Kingdom was fun- very hot day though...Jacob loves flamingoes and added a new one to his collection

Aaaaaa....Magic Kingdom was quite magical to bring the kids to... I was so excited for them- I felt like a kid jumping in the seat of my car entering the park :)

As a kid we skipped parades and shows because of the crowds but I found the parades and shows to be one of the best parts! We broke out the Mega lolipos and plopped down in the front of the castle to watch all the princesses preform w/ Mickey Mouse.

This princess was in process overload...for her to not be licking a lolipop means something! She just sat through the whole thing frozen - taking it all in -that the real Princess' are dancing and singing in front of her eyes! At the end of the week she said that was her favorite part.

(Sova is dressed up as Tinker Bell:)

Yup- we crammed them all in! That thing was great!

Another typical look of concern on Caleb's face durring a ride...

Animal Kingdom Safari- 'Lioness of Pride Rock'

snake/ bird show

Worlds Best Kids :) They did great on this trip- it was exhausting the 1st and 2nd day home- we all kind of crashed but it was worth it all!

So yes...This cute little man

and this precious little girl,

and this handsome young boy....give the thumbs up...

to the World's Best Daddy....

For making this one Very Memorable- Super Special- Awesome=
Turner Family Disney Vacation! :)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Turner Family Vacation- Day 1 :)

No, Im not really going to post 8 days worth of photos :)
Im wiped but wanted to post the best day...The Big Surprise Unveiled!
So after breakfast at IHOP- mommys favorite place (so funnny- the kids think the name is after Aunty Ja Ja's International House of Prayer :) we put on a DVD and tell the kids that we are going 'somewhere special.' While diving over the George Wash. Bridge we point out the Empire state building and Jacob freaks out...he was really hoping that we were going to visit NYC for the day...sorry kid..not today...utter dissapointment on his face...
I pretend that I need an emergency potty break and tell Mike to get off the next exit (airport) and park in a parking lot because I see a porto potty (ok I lied.)
We park and the planes are flying over our car- Jacob shouts, "OHHH I love planes...I WISH I CAN GO ON AN AIRPLANE RIGHT NOW!"
(mike and I are about to burst!)
Mike says, 'Hey we got you guys a present on mommys b-day too...(hand out bags- take photo...)

Here the kids are thinking: "Ohhhh a cool- a mickey tee- uhh- thanks I guess (we dont even like mickey....this gift stinks..."

Mike: "Jake- you just said you really wanted to go on a plane? Well what would you say if I told you...{mike rips off his sweatshirt to reveal his Mickey shirt- Jill take photo} (cue loud voice) that we are going on a plane RIGHT NOW to DISNEY WORLD!!!!"

"WHAT! YEAH RIGHT- YOUR JOKING DAD {mom unzips sweatshirt to reveal her very large attractive mickey shirt)

cue screams from eldest: 'AHHHHHH- oh my gosh- I Love you I LOVE you -I LOVE YOU!!! Jacob screams and cries real tears hugging Mike. His reaction was worth a million dollars.

Cue giggles: caleb- "yeah- we are going to Disney World- we are going on an airplane!"
Middle Confused Child - showing no emotion cue serious tone: "Ahhhhh mommy, why are we going on vacation? Ummmm why did you surprise us? Ahhhh OK... (shrugs)"

I cant believe I didnt catch her reation but looking back- I probrably wasnt snapping away the photos on her because she was sitting back in her booster seat looking out the window like I just told her to take a nap!

Well this guy made up for it ;)
(caleb in background "yahoooo")

Here we go!

Shuttle to airport...very exciting!

THey were sooo proud (and absolutely adorable) of sporting their own backpacks filled w/ their own packs of gum and little trinkets....

I'd say goes down in the books for one of the best Birthdays ever :)
Dont worry....more to come soon!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hello to my 3 faithful peeps who believe that one day I will start blogging again :)
Well I decieded that I better unload my camera before the big trip so here you have it- the Turner's in fast motion in no order whatsoever...
Hebron Maple Fest- Im lovin their syrup!
This weeks heat wave brought us to the beach!

Aunty and her babes

Bouncing off the Easter candy...although I recently realized that Sova is a bouncing bean- when she is excited, nervous, happy, basically anything- she jumps up and down in tinny hops- either that or she is doing her pee dance constantly- which very well can be the case w/ her bladder ;)

And they're off! Easter Hunt Line Up...this is VERY serious business for Jacob.

I love this...if Mike lays down w/ the kids when he tucks them in he usually falls asleep before them...he looks so pretty in Sova's heart blanket dont you think! (the little green lump on the left corner would be Sova-Grace)

Im so proud of Jacob. This is month 4 of violin. He was on a roll but we are having some rough days now. He doesnt want to practice and it's getting harder for him. I think he is doing great but I can see it is frusterating. I think the challange is good for him but I dont want to make him end up hating the violin...I have this sad image in my head of him practicing w/ tears rolling off his violin...I know so sad! Im not a monster- I dont want him to think he can quit so easily so I talked him into sticking it out and pushing through this hard phase- if he then doesnt enjoy it- so long!

My kids have been living outside almost as much as living inside. They were literaly trying to dig to China here (Jacobs new obsession- China- he still begs me to adopt him some more siblings from China:) They can dig and 'plant' all day if they could...plant what you ask? popcorn seeds to 'grow corn', various seed packets I pick up and when they run out of the real seeds they plant fig newtons, peanuts, crackers, orange peels- you name it- we are growing it :)
I'd like to invest in an outdoor shower- they are the dirtiest kids on the block...maybe in town...
Their feet do not allow them to keep shoes on-

Meet 'Astro Boy' he is a vistor from another planet- and he is VERY quiet...and VERY cute- we let him sleep in Caleb's bed because Caleb is missing.
Seriously- how can I not keep myself from cracking up talking to this child...check out those shoes!

You can find my family in a trance everyother Friday night when Jack sleeps over and Daddy calls for a 'Wii-athon.' (side note: any loud screams coming from our home can be blamed upon the defeat of King Koopa)

We gotta start putting Jacob in the back :)

Crocs, saddle shoes, and ballet slippers...

For Easter Jacob received his 1st 'REAL' Bible- no pictures.. not stories....just scripture...
As I type he is supposed to be sleeping but is probrably reading it- he cant stop! All week he falls asleep reading- and before he gets out of bed- he reads...he reads in the car and as you can see in his own words, "Oh great Aunty Jess- Im glad you brought the beach umbrella- now I can read my Bible!" My Jacob, you will be a world changer...

Every year we have this bunny living in our garden...last year she gave birth to her bunnies in a nest in here. (she's behind the dafidil)

Hmmm....lets see...Sova was absolutely thrilled to get her own library card. Jacob started T-ball this week and is supper excited. Mike is building a patio in our backyard including a stone fire pit...lookin great... These last few months I've been going through a naturalize / simplify your life thing...It's not all working but it's interesting- I think Im on to something here but it takes time...if you have no clue what Im taking about thats OK- my mind had been spinning over- time these days- just thinking too much about too much :) Ok it's late and you know how I get :)
Next pics: Destination Disney...Seeing how this is Mike's thing Im letting him plan it all- he went out and bought 5 matching Micky Mouse t-shirts so we can be one big corney family walking through the airports! He thinks it will be even more special for the kids if we match...I love how my corniess has rubbed off on him! He wont let us tell the kids until we litteraly park in the airport parking lot....Seeing how we are flying out of New Jersey they wont recognize the airport in the long term parking across the street (we flew in and out their for India.) Seeing how it's my B-day Sunday they are just going to think daddy talking us somewhere 'special.' And we can hid e the luggage under a sheet :) The camera will be ready!!!!