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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Turner Family Vacation- Day 1 :)

No, Im not really going to post 8 days worth of photos :)
Im wiped but wanted to post the best day...The Big Surprise Unveiled!
So after breakfast at IHOP- mommys favorite place (so funnny- the kids think the name is after Aunty Ja Ja's International House of Prayer :) we put on a DVD and tell the kids that we are going 'somewhere special.' While diving over the George Wash. Bridge we point out the Empire state building and Jacob freaks out...he was really hoping that we were going to visit NYC for the day...sorry kid..not today...utter dissapointment on his face...
I pretend that I need an emergency potty break and tell Mike to get off the next exit (airport) and park in a parking lot because I see a porto potty (ok I lied.)
We park and the planes are flying over our car- Jacob shouts, "OHHH I love planes...I WISH I CAN GO ON AN AIRPLANE RIGHT NOW!"
(mike and I are about to burst!)
Mike says, 'Hey we got you guys a present on mommys b-day too...(hand out bags- take photo...)

Here the kids are thinking: "Ohhhh a cool- a mickey tee- uhh- thanks I guess (we dont even like mickey....this gift stinks..."

Mike: "Jake- you just said you really wanted to go on a plane? Well what would you say if I told you...{mike rips off his sweatshirt to reveal his Mickey shirt- Jill take photo} (cue loud voice) that we are going on a plane RIGHT NOW to DISNEY WORLD!!!!"

"WHAT! YEAH RIGHT- YOUR JOKING DAD {mom unzips sweatshirt to reveal her very large attractive mickey shirt)

cue screams from eldest: 'AHHHHHH- oh my gosh- I Love you I LOVE you -I LOVE YOU!!! Jacob screams and cries real tears hugging Mike. His reaction was worth a million dollars.

Cue giggles: caleb- "yeah- we are going to Disney World- we are going on an airplane!"
Middle Confused Child - showing no emotion cue serious tone: "Ahhhhh mommy, why are we going on vacation? Ummmm why did you surprise us? Ahhhh OK... (shrugs)"

I cant believe I didnt catch her reation but looking back- I probrably wasnt snapping away the photos on her because she was sitting back in her booster seat looking out the window like I just told her to take a nap!

Well this guy made up for it ;)
(caleb in background "yahoooo")

Here we go!

Shuttle to airport...very exciting!

THey were sooo proud (and absolutely adorable) of sporting their own backpacks filled w/ their own packs of gum and little trinkets....

I'd say goes down in the books for one of the best Birthdays ever :)
Dont worry....more to come soon!


Sarah said...

Thanks for the pictures!!! I can't wait to see the rest! :)

Jocelyn Barker said...

Yay! Great pics! Sova-Grace looks adorable in her glasses!