"Once our eyes are opened, we can't pretend we don't know what to do. God who weighs our hearts and keeps our souls knows that we know, and holds us responsible to ACT"...Proverbs 24:12

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The 1st tooth fell out! Oh my- this was quite exciting for Jacob...he was literaly extatic!
Saddly their are no cute little gaps because his big teeth already pushed through (he had 2 sets of teeth in 2 different spots...it looks so weird) the good news is that next week the dentist will only have to pull 3 teeth instead of 4!

These happy pics were taken Before our dentist visit today...Jacob had the appointment but the little ones came out in hysterics...Im still cooling down from this...ya see the little ones sat so good and played so queitely in the tiny room durring Jacob's 35 minute cleaning- when it was over the secretary called Jacob over to the 'prize box.' The little ones ran over with him and the box was harshly pulled away from them and the lady said 'oh no- these are just for kids who saw the dentist!" Caleb immediatly ran to me in tears (more from the scold from the stranger than from the lack of toy) but Sova waited w/ Jacob for the box to be shown again and dove her hand in... the woman then grabbed the toy out of her hand and again made her statement. Sova burst into tears and I had to make the followup appt. w/ 2 crying kids. We walked out and the hyterics grew louder and louder as the injustice of it all settled into them as we drove away.
I saw how hurt they really were...these were not selfish tears of 'I want I want" but they knew that that waited patiently and were expecting the prize box because they were there before. So really... what was that lady thinking! The prizes were litteraly stickers and small peices of knick knacky junk...If I work up the courage Im going to bring a bag of dollar store items to the lady next week at our appt. and ask her if I can donate it to her precious prize box, for all the sibblings of the patient, who have to suffer through sitting their patient, quiet and bored!
Sorry for the rant...
The (Kind of) Finished Chicken Coop
Horray, while I was away enjoying a homeschool conference in Mass this weekend- Mike surprised me with the finished coop :) I say 'kind of finished' because I want the kids to paint it (with their handprints)
I think I have found my perfect pet! Everyone knows Im not an 'animal person' therefore may have caused some concern as to why I would get chickens but so far they have lived up to my google research :) They are easy and it's just plain fun to say, 'kids lets go feed the chickens and get the eggs.' If you catch me w/ a hankie in my hair and wearing an apron you have permission to intervene ;)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!!!

Jacob was all business w/ the egg hunt...he started filling his pockets!

Sova-Grace pretty much freezingBecause Caleb missed his nap at nana's- he fell asleep driving to Uncle Ray's at 5 and pretty much missed out on the big easter party...we carried him into the party sleeping- put him on the bed- carried him out of the party sleeping- and carried him to his bed...I think all the sugar knocked him out!

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Caleb and Sova preformed a song w/ all the kids in front of the whold church this morning- Caleb was the smallest one and they had to remember the 'actions' that went along w/ the song. I video taped it and I know that there is some way to upload video clips on here but I have no clue how....but they were so just darn cute that I think it might be worth me trying to figure this thing out soon :) (They are front -right of center...doing the 'tremble' action:)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Yes it's true...the Turner's have chickens :)
Random thing I know, Mike's cousin was trying to give some of her's away because she had too many and I thought, "Why not? Fresh organic eggs every day, Outdoor pets, fun experience for kids..."
We picked up our 2 girls tonight, they are 8 months old and they should lay an egg almost every day. They were at the bottom of the pecking order in their bunch- they are our little underdog runts...one of them is very scared and lost most of her feathers from all the pecks...we hope for some new feathers soon :)
Mike now has another project on his list...a chicken coop. While the hens are waiting for their 'quaters' they are in a large dog crate in the garage.
We let them roam the yard for a while and they were so cute pecking away for worms.
The kids are so excited...after dinner they brought books out to read to the chickens and to say goodnight. Jacob is now asking for a rooster- he was mad when he found out the chickens were girls.
Hoping for some fresh scrambeld eggs in the morning...(ok that kind of grosses me out but hopefuly I will get over it.)
All we need is a dairy cow and some sheep :)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

That Little Boy of Mine

Two eyes that shine so bright, Two lips that kiss goodnight, Two arms that hold me tight, That little Boy of mine. No one could ever know how much your coming has meant. Because I love you so, you're something heaven has sent. You're all the world to me. You climb upon my knee. To me you'll always be, That little boy of mine.

I read this poem in a Dobsen book and got all teary (doesnt take much anyways though:)
I thought of Jacob and how BIG he is is getting! He is 5 but he is so grown up in many ways- including his height of course :)
Yet I cherish the fact that he still fights for my lap when I read books to the kids, he like to cuddle up next to me when he reads to me (what a treat that is now!) and when we get silly and dance to music he loves to dance w/ me in my arms still.
As you can see- it looks ridiculous, but I know one day he will have his final dance w/ me on his wedding day and I will look back on these days where I held my long and lanky boy...