"Once our eyes are opened, we can't pretend we don't know what to do. God who weighs our hearts and keeps our souls knows that we know, and holds us responsible to ACT"...Proverbs 24:12

Friday, December 28, 2012


quoted from the Russian president: “There are probably many places in the world where living standards are better than... ours,” Mr. Putin said. “So what? Shall we send all children there, or move there ourselves?”

Is he for real? Is he that proud of his country's orphan statistics!
at 16-17yrs. old orphans are forced to leave the orphanage. Within the 1st 5 years 90% of those children end up in crime, prostitution, drug/alcohol addiction, or suicide.
10-15% commit suicide, 60% of girls are forced into prostitution, and 70% of the boys become hardened criminals.

No- dont send us all your children Mr. Putin...just the one's that are going to explode your statistics.
You have 2.5 million homeless children on your streets already...
Heartbreaking, please pray!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Monday, December 10, 2012

While pulling out the Christmas boxes someone opened up a box of my childhood porcelin dolls.
I collected them growing up and actually sold most of them for Sova's adoption!  (Sad, I know- but I kept telling myself a better 'doll' will be coming ;)

The twinkies went nuts.  They already told me that they never had a doll- and I knew they loved dolls but 'Porcelin  pipe-curled fancy dolls...they were fascinated!
When I told them they can have them- they jumped up and down screaming...it was like Christmas morning.

As a girl- I LOVED my dolls and I know of plenty of little girls who dont care for them at all so I think it's just the coolest thing that God gave me 3 baby doll lovers...man this mama is having fun! 

In some ways the twins have an emotional maturity far beyond most kids because of
all that they have been through.  Life in rural Ethiopia is not easy- Im sure they were 'working' as soon as they were walking and they have seen alot.
In general I am a huge advocate of kids staying kids longer....especially little girls!
From clothing to toys- little girls are pushed into being mini-teens starting at the age of 6 or 7!
In Ethiopia it's not the clothes or toys that mom's have to be careful of...it's men.
It was not until we came home that we learned that the twins have a 1/2 sister who is 30 yrs old....whom their mother gave birth to when she was the same ages as the twins.  The cycle continued for their 1/2 sister...
Since day 1 the girls were enthralled w/ the dolls in the house.  I love that they dont know 'cool' yet and they have no problem walking around nana's block pushing their dolls in the stroller or walking into church with a baby carrier :)  Yes, give them a year or 2 and they will know most girls their age are done w/ dolls but I am delighted that they are giving childhood a chance and have a chance themselves to play catch-up.  
(fyi..that baby above was yours truly's 6 year old Christmas gift:)

 One day Im sure they will make great mothers- but no, I cant fathom how that time is now to girls in their community and around the world- and yes, here too. 

Which makes me think...for all pro-life'ers out there...we cant preach pro-life and not participate anymore. 
If a child (or even a woman at any age for that matter) does not feel equipped to raise a child- and we say, "but it's a child..." and walk away- what does that do?


Sadly, right now there wouldnt be enough adoptive families able to take in all these unwanted children- so really, dont you think if we preach pro-life than we should be the one's willing to step in and be responsible for taking in these children?
 Really, have  you considered this? 

We had our adoption social worker over tonight for our 1st follow-up visit and she was talking on and on about the need for more foster and adoptive families.

 Do  you know you can be an 'emergency care foster parent?"  That means the child would be in your home for only a short perioid (up to 2 weeks) until they can find the right foster family.  Most of the time she needs to place babies right out of the hopital and she has the most trouble finding families for the infants,  teens and children 0-4.

Come on people...life's an adventure right!

No, your not too old- (yay grandma & grandmpa- Mike's parents are starting fostercare!)
yes, you can handle this,
no, your bio kids will not be scarred...they will learn things that you cant pay someone to teach them and they may surprise you and start giving God age and gender requests in their prayers at night  ;)

Our 2nd child...bumped to the baby for the 3rd time...don't feel sorry for him because you wont see him complaining!  And after our 1st born just got booted to #3 we are re-inventing birth order over here.  One thing's for sure...when God writes the script, it's all good!

Come on, just learn more!
for CT: http://www.ctfosteradopt.com/fosteradopt/site/default.asp
non CT: http://www.adoptuskids.org/