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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Dancing Queen and King

Campfire in our backyard

My 2 peanuts are lately the dancing queen and king. The last few days they will request to dance- Sova puts on seriously- 5 leotards that were given to her- I ask her to choose one and she points to each one and laughs- maybe she's trying to stay warm :)
Caleb will put on his capes and occasionaly a cinderella dress ;0
THen they blast music and dance around. You can see the nurturing influence that Sova has on Caleb- after seeing Sova's doll in dresses- he too has deceided it's about time to put clothes on Lamby.
So we are 10 weeks in now w/ Sova and I feel like I have a good routine now. I even have a whooping 15- 20 minutes to myself after I work w/ Jacob before Sova wakes up...that's why my blogs are rather rushed w/ not much thought ;) Like clockwork my sleepy Indian Princess wakes up and runs over to cuddle on my lap while I finish typing...I must go cuddle.


Sarah Torchio said...

Awww I'm so happy the 3 of them are becoming so close and play so well together! That's so cute that Caleb now dresses his lamby lol. Can't wait to see you next week for dinner!!

Jocelyn Barker said...

Caleb looks adorable with his new haircut! I'm enjoying mom here in KC:)