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Sunday, October 26, 2008

The kids are pretending to be Peter, Micahel and Wendy- they are about to Fly!
They just love to hold hands and count and jump. They will play this everyday for quite a long time or usually until someone gets a little hurt ;) (hey kids need excercise right?) THey are really into Peter Pan right now- we had a family movie night- we pushed the couches together to make a 'pirate ship' and had popcorn and grapes (sova absolute favorite foods are grapes and chicken) This was possibly the 1st movie Sova sat through-probrably because she was on my lap. When we told Jacob about the 'special night' planed- you would have thoguht we told him we were going to Disney World- this kids loves anything with the word 'special' in it!
Durring a jumping session I caught Jacob saying, "Sova come give me a hug...I love you...I cant believe I have a sister!" I think it recently really sunk in with him. These last couple weeks something has changed in them and they really bonded- he love's to play with her.
Although I must say that her and Caleb are like to peas in a pod. They actually play a bit better than her and Jacob do. They work together well when playing and have alot of laughs.
The picture of Caleb and Sova in 'wonder box.' Mike installed a big microwave above our stove this week and the box has been something pretty special around here- they've played just about everything in that box (if someone has a refridgerator box call me :) I cant help but smile when I see Sova in those pink sleepers. All year for some reason that was the vision that I saw her in. Obviously I thought about her alot last year and when I thought about her...she had pink sleepers on... I have know idea why but she did- so when a saw those in a bag of clothes someone gave me I couldnt wait to put them on her :)

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Jocelyn Barker said...

Ok this post near made me cry. Your kids are amazing! I'm so glad they are getting along and bonding well.