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Thursday, February 4, 2010

I should be fired from keeping up w/ this blog! Well I am glad January is gone- besides dealing w/ post crash stuff- I think everyone one of us had every available illness out there...fevers, flu, colds, pink eye, earache's...just to name a few :)
So here is Mike's van from his accident!
The picture below is taken from the driverside window- Mike landed wedged in the pasanger side floor area- dont ask me where because I dont even see a spot he could have fit in!

This is the mess he had to inventory...
Talk about miracles and counting your blessings huh?

Speaking of...here are 2 little blessings that cant get enough of eachother lately. Here Caleb has invented a bug catcher for me that kills any bugs near our house :)

Long nights bring back the good 'ol 'Tent Days'....sometimes I feel as if Im living on the set of MASH.

These things literally take up the entire room- they are cool :)

I wish someone could have documented this day: I offered to help out a friend who had surgery and watch their kids from 8 am - 6pm...did I mention they have 4 kids...five and under?
So the 7 kids I had all day ranged in ages of: 6, 5, 5, 4, 3, 2, and 5 months. Yes, it was insane!

Ahhhh....the love of boxes continues. (I cant say enough that they are THE best toys in the world...I refuse to get rid of these 2 big ones...I have NO storage spot to put them- they are in the corner of the living room and is driving Michael crazy but I cant let go w/ these invaluable things :)

They each took turns taking their full NAPS in these!

Hmmm- what else? Jacob has been wanting to tak violin lessons for several months now- in January he started taking private lessons- I think he's doing great- it's a real challenge for him but I feel that it's good for him to have this challange. He even has a few sqeaky songs under his belt already ;) He's going to be in a homeschooler's science fair in a couple weeks and he is so excited to present his volcano project.
Yesterday was a special day at the Turner's...we are patchie free (pacifier) after 6.6 years!!
Caleb cut his patchie up w/ scissors and threw it away! It was becomeing a real problem- Jacob was a 'closet' patchie boy until he was 4! But he left it under his pillow only- Caleb wanted it everywhere he went- and it kind of got embaressing...It took him forever to fall asleep last night and he had a tantrum at nap time that made me feel so sad and bad for the poor little guy- but he fell asleep good tonight :)
Wow this is long- but one more thing cuz Im so excited:
Mike surprised me this morning w/ a vacation to Florida on my Birthday!
It's 1 week- with the whole fam...we are gonna surprise the kids and tell them the day before we go in some kind of special way. At 1st I was shocked- he already bought everything down to the rental minivan! I had mixed feelings because we were on a 'lets pay off debt and save' journey going well BUT the trip is crazy cheap- amazing airfare- and someone Gave him FREE Disney park hopper passes for 3 days! The resort is a kids wonderland too :) Ok sorry if Im gushing but now Im really excited- Caleb will probrably remember this trip and has been begging to go on an airplane, Sova in her Princess stage- this will be like she is in a dream, and Jacob I think will go completey bonkers when we tell him!
Mike planned this right after his accident...kind of sentimental and all- it will be a much appreciated time together!


Jocelyn Barker said...

YAAAAAY!!! I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!!! They are perfect ages for a Disney trip- I can't even imagine Sova's face when she sees a real castle! I feel like crying I'm so happy for you guys! AND ugh, after seeing those van pictures...wow. Talk to you soon.

Sarah Torchio said...

Well it's about time you posted! LOL I look every day and wait!! What a miracle...I am so happy that Mike is okay. How exciting that you're all going to Disney!!!!!!!! It will be so much fun!!!

Jocelyn Barker said...

ahem...um, birthday pictures please! -From the president of your demanding fan club.