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Monday, September 28, 2009

School Days

I cant believe that it's going to be October this week- this month flew by...
So in August I was almost dreading starting up school w/ the kids...the free- no schedule lazy days of summer were so...easy :)
BUT I'm Loving it! I think it helps that fall IS my favorite season. But I truly love teaching these kiddos...
Here was our 1st day of school...all ready w/ their fruit smoothy brain boosters- dont they look excited ;)
Last year Jacob and I started an afternoon ritual...when I put down the kids and it's time for the 'real' stuff (math, reading, writing) we have tea together at the table. Here he's showing off his tin cup and the coconut that we learned how to break open by watching a 'how to' video on you-tube...
big knife+ strong wack= nervous kids
Question: what do you do once you open the coconut?

Music to a mama's ears...Jacob reading to the 'little ones' as he calls them I guess I should have expected this...
Sova's a genius :)
I was quite nervous about teaching her for some reason- maybe the whole 'she just learned how to speak English several months ago thing!'
Well I started doing phonics w/ her 4 weeks ago and she has already read several words by herself!

I found a fun way to keep Caleb busy: freeze candy and toys in a bucket of ice and have him chop at it all morning! Just kidding- that would be mean right? This was just plain fun for them.
The Turner kids have the best recess in town!
We have been putting on little skits...3 kids make a great #...we did Goldilocks and the 3 bears and the 3 Little Pigs. After reading the stories we find props and even little costumes and do a play. They Loved this so much that they started making up their own at night for Mike and I. Here they had Sova in her flower towel- lie on the ground and they poured water on her to make her grow...it was quite creative :)
Enjoying an eye- spy together...when they should be sleepingJust had to throw this is in...she's so stinkin cute.
So this is my class of 2009...we are on to a great start!

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Jocelyn Barker said...

AW what a great post. I love the pics. Sova's hair is so cute and wavy! Watching the DVD you sent, I was shocked at how different she looks.