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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Little Ballerina

August 31, 2008
Sova's 1st day in America...she walked into her room and put on a tutu...

August 31, 2009: One year (to the day) later she is in that same tutu at her 1st Ballet class.

I took her to the studio a few weeks before and the instructor gave Sova her own little tour of the 3 studios. While the lady was talking to me- Sova started jumping around in the center shrieking, 'I just want to dance- I just want to dance!'

Because of her uncoordinated- and still somewhat awkward legs- I thought that dance would actually be good for her (and the fact that she has been asking to do it since she learned English;)
Everyone knows that Sova is not shy- but the day before Ballet we were talking about it and she said, 'ummm...maybe tomorrow we will just have a stay home day..."
I couldnt believe she was nervous- she's been through newness all year and never showed nervousness...I actually see it as a good thing...she know's what is normal and safe (home w/ mommy:)
Anyways...she ended up loving it...

I was glued to the observation window...wondering how all the other mom's could sit and chit chat- I didnt want to blink and miss a second of this! It's 45 minutes long- She listened and followed all the instuctions...I was one proud mama :)

This is her nervous stance- hand on the hips-observing...

the girls each bring in their own dance bags to change from their tap to ballet shoes

Prima Ballerina


Jocelyn Barker said...

Yay! So cute! So did she like it? Or too nervous? Did she want to go back? Remember: she must make it to the recital! :)

The Turner's said...

Oh yes- she loved it...she didnt want to wait another week to go back. She didnt like tap as much as ballet but she still liked it :)