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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Field Trips :)

Yesterday was 'Homeschooling Day' at Sturbridge Village.

It was a wonderful day but I am still recovering! I took the kids by myself and that self had an awful cold :)
I cant remember how many times I had to take them to the bathroom! But I can remember the look on their faces as they watched the horse drawn carriage tromp past them, watching them run up and down the little houses exploring, and watching in awe as the old fashion characters talked about what type of work they were doing. They loved it! As a kid I always wished that I lived in that era- I think I still do :)
We went on the little boat ride but Caleb and Sova were disappointed because they thought the boat was going to go fast. Even though Sova has been here a year- things still pop up that are new to her...like a boat...this was her first and she watched the man steer w/ his steering wheel and she said, 'is this a car boat?' I guess she didnt know some boats have steering wheels :)
The highlight of the day was...The Tin Shop. Jacob was enthralled w/ the tin worker. The man was working on a lantern all day and Jacob wanted to stop into his little shop throughout the day to see how it was coming along. The man got a kick out of Jacob and every time we visited he asked Jacob to hold something for him- which made Jacob stand up straight and glance over at me to make sure I saw the important job he was doing.
Our last stop was again the tin man and Caleb just about had enough- he was exhausted and needed his car seat! I told Jacob we had to go and he quickly said ok and thank-you to the man and walked out. The man said he was impressed w/ Jacob listening to his mama so well that he ran after us to give Jacob on of his creations...a tin cup. He told us not to tell anyone because he is not supposed to do this.
If you could have seen the look on Jacobs face...you would have thought that cup was filled w/ an everlasting bag of candy! The whole ride home he talked about how much he loves 'the tin man' and that he was going to send him a giftcard! He is so proud of his little cup- make sure you ask him about it when you see him!

Sova-Grace looking out of the 'car boat' in her bonnet...(actaully that was my bonnet when I was little that I got in Amish Country :)

And...here are some pics from the the Hebron Fair...
Jacob got to hold a baby chick- so cute.
Caleb lovin the kid quads

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