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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Colecting Items for a Friends Adoption Tagsale

We are thrilled that friends of ours have started the process of an adoption of the cutest little boy we were blessed to meet in Ethiopia.  My heart beats for this and although my husband and I vowed we would never again do a tagsale on that large a scale...trust me...it actually works- our tagsale paid for the 1st chunk of fee's and I'm praying that it will be even bigger for my friends! (kind of feeling like saying sorry to you guys in that statement- you wont understand now- but you will soon ;)

What's great about tagsales is this:

** everyone loves to 'cleanse' their home's now and then of the stuff that somehow snuck in w/out us noticing.  On our move several months ago we got rid of alot but even now I am walking through the house throwing things into the 'donate' pile.  Homes look better decluttered anyways...try it- it's addicting!

**a bonus is that while donating your unwanted items you are giving to a great cause....you are being a part of bringing an orphan into a family.

See- it's really a win-win.  People give what they dont want and a child gets another step closer to having a family.

Again- the key is spreading the word!!!

Please mention this to your family and friends...I have found that some people are litteraly waiting with stuff to give away! People get excited for a chance to motivate themselves to finnaly go clear out their storage areas, garages and attics. 

That's the way it seemed to go w/ our sale- people were just happy for an opportuity to get rid of there stuff!

The Tag Sale is approacing quickly- it will be held Oct 19, 20, 21st. 

If you have have any items that you wish to doante email me @ mikeandjillturner@hotmail.com
we can arrange for pick up if needed

Thank you!!!


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