"Once our eyes are opened, we can't pretend we don't know what to do. God who weighs our hearts and keeps our souls knows that we know, and holds us responsible to ACT"...Proverbs 24:12

Monday, September 24, 2012

1st Night!

Here's Jerusalem & Helen in their traditional Ethiopian dresses.  Their faces lit up when I pulled these out and they immediately put them on.    

We spent the afternoon at the orphannge playing with the kids.  The girls had their bags packed with the items we left them in July and they showed us some drawings and art work that they have done while they were here.  
This was just precious!  They actually cant write in English but they traced the letters that their nanny wrote and recited all of our names ending with, 'happy family"

too cute

The nanni's truly love these children and even though the girls have only been at this orphanage a couple of months- when we started giving hugs goodbye, tears were rolling down their cheeks.  Our hearts broke for the girls and I think all 4 of us got into the van sniffling.  The eyes were dry one minute down the road but it was an emotional drive for all of us.

At the hotel the girls were pleased so see one of the babies from the orphanage that they know.  They are so amazing with babies!
Once we settled in, they spent over an hour working on various puzzles.  They were able to help give their 'baby friend' a bath next door which was good because when I suggested they take a bath next they happily agreed.  (of course if you can picture the chardes:  1st I stood in the shower pointing at the shower head then I sat in the tub questioning which they'd prefer.  Tub won :)  There's a whole lot of charades going on but so far so good!

It was easy enough to explain shoots and ladders.  They had fun playing this with us before bed.

                                    Could I just say that they are the cutest ever!  They still mostly whisper when they talk but occasionaly I catch one of them singing soflty to themselves :)  They have a huge case of the giggles...thats what we do alot when we dont understand eachother- just giggle and shrug :)
After the game they each hopped in bed, we prayed, kissed them goodnight, and they went out in 5 minutes.
Thank you for all of your prayers...we certianly feel them!


Diane Ruffino said...

Awesome. We are really enjoying your posts and keep checking to see what's new. I am so thankful for God giving these girls to you.

Leah Good said...

Ditto what Mrs. Ruffino said. ;)

Jon and I have been pretty funny. Every hour or so one of us checks the clock and tells everyone what time it is in Ethiopia. :) And every now and then Jon sticks his grinning face at one of us and we all know it's because he's thinking about your latest blog post. XD