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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Hope Chest/ Hands for the Needy in Korah

 Today we were honored to go visit Hands for the Needy.  Our church partenered with Hope Chest and supports over 180 kids in a village garbage dump called Korah- here in Addis.  Our church has a child sponsorship program set up here and we help feed, educate, and disciple these precious kids.  Although I have so much to say and my heart is pounding looking at these amazing kids- I feel this blog post should let the pictures speak for themselves...

 Yemamu- one of the leaders here

 Injera and lentils

 Our church purchased Bibles written in their language for each child...this was the highlight of the day!

 The children were so happy!

 No words.
 'Thank you faith living church' is what I hear right now ringing in my ears...
 Praying over the kids!
 Dinner :)
 Sweet Yitiayal our sponsor child (wearing what we brought him last trip :)
 1st family missions trip w/ the twins...definatly not the last!
 HopeChest staff
I love this man!  He is one of the security guards here.  I was told while he is in his post all night he prays for the children.  He was so joyful and full of smiles.  He was so eager to recieve his own Bible, he asked if we could save him one- he was so greatful.

Oh my word...this is what life is about.

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