"Once our eyes are opened, we can't pretend we don't know what to do. God who weighs our hearts and keeps our souls knows that we know, and holds us responsible to ACT"...Proverbs 24:12

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Travel Day 1

Travel Day one:

It was a lot worse than I expected leaving the kids…I was a mess. I think a lot of that emotion came out because of being sick too.

Thank you for your prayers for our health- we are feeling sooo much better. Mike’s fine and I have a chest congestion and small head cold but compared to how I felt a few days ago I feel great!

The flight to Dubai was well…long.

Ate dinner, watched a movie, and then put on our snazzy eye/sleeping masks.

For several hours we tossed and turned (our necks that is- not much else to toss and turn when your belted into a narrow upright seat)

At one point I just hear Mike laughing. I slipped off my eyemask to see that crazy look in his eye. He just kept laughing saying, “Is everyone for real, are they all really sleeping or do we all just pretend?”

I pretended to sleep hoping I could trick my body into thinking that I really slept.

When we were above Moscow I gave up.

When we arrived to Dubai we had to wait in a 1 hour line for immigration.

We took a shuttle to our hotel. When we stepped out into the night air it was incedible. I really thought that there were heaters blowing on us from underneath the awnings- until I remembered that we were in the desert. It was so hot but felt so nice because it was so dry- if felt like a sauna! By then we complelty pulled an all-nighter and we in full swing into the next day. All I wanted to do was to sleep but Mike was hungy and wanted to use our free dinner vouchers 

We somehow managed to eat dinner and then thank the Lord we were able to sleep that night. Even though our wake up call was set for 6:30 am- we both were wide awake at 5am. I had that excited feeling and could not sleep a minute longer- plus the construction crew arrived outside our hotel window at 5am.

Had breakfast and set out for the airport. I am typing from Dubai and we should be in Ethiopia this afternoon! Tomorrow we meet our girls! Keep the prayers a-coming!


Leah Good said...

So glad you're feeling better. We're praying for you!

Kerry said...

Love the updates :) Keep them coming! So glad you're feeling better

Diane Ruffino said...

Yeah! So excited for you and praying.

Erin DeMallie said...

I read this to Caleb and Sova last night but I am not sure if they really understood everything. Sova thought you would be home in a few days and was shocked when I told her it would be a week from yesterday. Haha! So…they miss you too but they are such troopers! I think they are having a good time so far!