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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Girls :)

(Pictures wont upload to the blog and sometimes I cant accsess this -so for pictures and most updates I have been using facebook.)

Sunday:  We went to the market in the morning and church at Korah in the evening.  Met Yitiyal our sponsor child and that was the coolest experience.  He was so sweet- when ever I changed seats at the church service to make room for others he woud follow me.  He is 14 but so small.  He was pretty overwhelmed at recieving his gifts:  clothes, soccer ball, and a cross bracelet.  When we told him that we would visit again in a few months and asked if there was anything that he needed or wanted he looked down and shook his head.  Finnaly, he quietly whispered that his mother works all day in the trash dump collecting plastic bags to sell, she then buys ingredients to make inerja (the staple ethiopian bread), which she then sells on the streets at night.  The only thing that he asked for was for clothing for his mother.  You could just feel the deep love he had for her it was so moving.

Church was amazing.  It was dirt floored with tarps pegged down for the floor...tin around it.  They started this church in Korah only several months ago and they now have 2 services and just had an addition put on.  The place was packed.  As soon as I walked in I felt the presence of God so strong.  People were on their knees praying and crying.  Then came worship and the people were dancing with the most joy I have ever seen in my life.  Then came testimony's of healings and the message.  It was beautiful.

Monday/ Tuesday: 
When we arrived at the orphanage the girls were waiting for us on the front steps.  We walked up to them and greeted them w/ a soft kiss on each side of their cheeks.  It was a completle blur-They were so nervous!  We all stood their awkwardly for a moment and then I rememberd that gifts always break the ice :)
We sat down with them and handed them their gift bags.  Just like Sova, they didnt know what to do...they just laughed and could not stop smileing!  They would just look at eachother and giggle.  They looked at everything but didnt touch anything except their dolls.  They felt the dolls hands/ features and held it near to them while sucking on their lolipops...so cute.  We had a coffee cermony w/ them and ate snacks.  The girls laughed when they were given glass soda bottles.  The other couple we are traveling with is adopting a baby boy- you could tell the girls were smitten w/ him- I think Helen is the baby lover.  THere's no grass or dirt at the orphanage- just concrete but we played soccer for a long time w/ them.  Mike and Helen seemed to bond over that.  Mike would steal the ball from her and try to tease her and see of she would come and try to get it back- eventually she did.  I painted the girls nails and we played playdough w/ a group of kids.  We were able to get alone w/ them for a few minutes and held hands with them and prayed together.  I could tell they were so nervous to be alone w/ us and I think Helen was about to tear up so we quickly went back outside.  Helen went to the playdough and made a cross- looked up at me and smiled one of the biggest smiles I saw from her :)

We were told that this 24 hour car ride through the mountais was their 1st time in a car and they threw up.  Today we drove with them to court and even when the van was in park- they were each holding onto a handle for dear life. 
We were told that Helen is very shy.  They both only whisper when spoken to and tried to keep their heads down and diverted eye contact. 
When we were picked up this morning for court we were delightfully surprised to find them in the van- we didnt think we were going to see them today.  They were in their matching outfits that we brought them- they looked excited, were smileing and  sooooo cute!  They definatly already have loosened up alot and personalities are even showing through.  I know we barely know them but I already can tell that Jerusalem is so laid back and go with the flow.  She's so qucik to smile at us and seems easy tempered and sweet.  As for Helen, even though everyone who knows her tells us that she is very shy- I can see something so strong in her.  She is the one in charge.  She initiates most conversation w/ her sister.  You can see she is most nervous and anxious but I can see such strength in her it is so powerful to me.  We had to sit in a queit waiting room for over an hour this morning.  They did great and were quiet and sat but Helen could not keep her body still for one second- she was always moving something.  She even reached out and was feeling my bracelet and and looked up and me and smiled (its the little things right now!)

We got to get a little silly with them too.  I didnt know if I should wear my scarf or not so I was modeling it to them asking them thumbs up or down- they were just cracking up covering their mouths- almost embarresed like.  Mike teases them and tickles their sides- they laugh and try to ignore him but you could see in their faces that they love it.

Court is finished and they are legally our girls...feels so werid but so great!  After court we walked to a cafe and I took Helens hand in mine and we walked holding hands and swinging arms.   As I was walking I was trying to contain my smile but I dont think it worked. 
We are flying up north today to visit where they are from.  The girls cannot come with us and they are still staying at the orpahange.  On the drive home from court the girls scooched alot closer to us.  They let us look at them w/out diverting their eyes and we would just giggle at eachother.  Helen even put her head on my shoulder for an instant and I almost melted :) 

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