"Once our eyes are opened, we can't pretend we don't know what to do. God who weighs our hearts and keeps our souls knows that we know, and holds us responsible to ACT"...Proverbs 24:12

Tuesday, July 17, 2012



We didn't even buy a baby name book when we were expecting Jacob.  We both loved the name and it was that simple.  Jacob Michael ...done!  (Michael is hubby's name:)

When Jacob was a baby I read a book that had the name Caleb in it. (The 'Blessed Child'- sooo good!)

 I fell in love with that name and knew that if our next child was a boy- I'd want him named Caleb.  Mike loved it too.  Caleb Raymond...done!  (Raymond is both Mike's middle name AND my father's middle name :)

While waiting for Sova to come home- every time I walked by the refrigerator and saw that cute little face in the photo I just saw the word 'GRACE.'  I couldn't get past the name Grace. We already choose her middle name to be "Elliana"  (the Lord has responded) and it seemed so appropriate! Mike thought the name, 'Sova-Grace  Elliana Turner would be too long...I thought it was just too lovely and meaningful Not to have! (plus I loved those southern style hyphenated names!)

Christmas morning (the one where we promised no gifts because of the adoption...) Mike gave me a gift 'from Sova' and the tag read:  Love, Sova-Grace  Elliana Turner :)

Done!  (ya, I know he's awesome) 

We found out in India that 'Sova,' is in fact an uncommon Indian name but it means beautiful...

 Now the twins:

When we thought we were going to adopt a baby we were going to name her: 'Talia-Faith' and give her Ethiopian name as her middle name.  The kids especially loved that name and these past 2 years they would even pray specifically for, 'our sister, Talia-Faith.'

The girls birth-mother's name is Azmera.  The name means 'Harvest'  both our favorite season and well- our life's desire...when we hear 'harvest' we think of people coming to know who God truly is...what's not to love about this powerful name!  Defintly a name worth carrying on- it will be a special way for the girls to keep their birth mother with them.

So in keeping with the tradition of long yet meaningful names:

Helen-Talia  Azmera  Turner

Helen means  'sun ray- shinning light'  (Love it!  'you are my sunshine' is my theme song to the kids)

and   Talia means "dew from God" 


Jerusalem-Faith  Azmera  Turner

Jerusalem's real name is actually spelled, 'Eyerusalem.'

It is common in Ethiopia to spell it that way- but it is the same name as 'Jerusalem.'

We are not 100% on this but we are thinking it may save her alot of trouble/confusion in the future if we changed the spelling.

Jerusalem (Eyerusalem):  means  Possession Of Peace and is pretty much the coolest most important city on the Planet  :)

In each picture we have of Jerusalem she is wearing her cross necklace...so 'Faith' it is for her!  Done! 



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