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Friday, July 27, 2012

settled :)

Wow- sometimes I wonder why Im giving updates when they seem to change by the hour around here!  But we only have 1 television channel w/ arrabic subscripts so it gives me a reason to come down to the guest house office :)

Here's the latest:
Mekele flights are booked this weekend.  Saterday the girls will be driven 24 hours south to Addis.  After they arrive we will let them sleep and then we will go visit on Monday afternoon.
Court is still Tuesday morning- I think they come w/ us BUT we bought flights to go north to Mekele (just mike and I) Tuesday afternoon with a return flight Wednesday night.  Ant then Thursday afternoon leave Ethiopia.  Phew- next week is crammed.
We could have waited to go up to Mekele on the 2nd trip but we didnt want to wait- I am so anxious to meet their birth-mother that I cant imagine waiting until the 2nd trip. 
Im am confident that there are reasons beyond our knowledge on why everything got all botched up.

We were planning on visiting Korah- Hands for the Needy site/ sponsor child at the end of next week...now we are trying desperately to get in contact their feild office to see if we can go this weekend instead.  Praying that we can get through to them this weekend!

THe director of the orphange up north was in Addis on business today and we were able to meet him.  He seem's like an amazing man.  He was able to give us more little tid-bits on the girls which was neat to hear.  He told us that he always see's them staying together- "you know because they are twins" he said- so funny  :) 
Im not sure if he telling us the truth but he said that the girls are very much excited- I looked at him like he was crazy and told him that we expect them to be scared and sad- not exactly excited...he said, no no no no- they are excited and greatful for this oppurtunity.  I still dont know if I believe him but I am certainly glad that this was all sorted out!

The guest house is in a small gated compound- I feel like we've been trapped in here the last 2 days and I and so ready to some real Ethiopia this weekend! 

Thanks for your prayers!

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