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Friday, August 22, 2008

We're Here!

(Sorry this is long- Im going to be using these printouts as part of Sova’s adoption journal so that’s why it’s detailed…I don’t feel like writing up 2 :)
Im glad that we left for the airport early because we got so lost in New Jersey…it had to be the worst area that you can get lost in. We even ended up getting a police escort back to the highway!
We sat on the runway for about an hour and a half before we took off. Somehow we ended up getting the best seats near the emergency exit w/ full feet room. ‘Big Mike’ as my friends used to call him in highschool-really apprectiated that! We sat next to a young Indian mother traveling alone w/ her baby girl. We made friends and ended up bouncing her on our knees and walked her around the cabin to give her mother a break. When we held her we just lookede at eachother and laughed. She had the biggest brownest eyes, we couldn’t help but think that she looked like Sova, as we imagined that Sova looked just like her as a baby. We are one of the 3 white couples traveling to Delhi on the plane, I cant stop looking at the Indian people as I really think that they are the most beautiful people. As soon as we started flying east the sun started coming out so we had to all keep our windows closed to sleep. But there was no sleep for us- we definatly tried-closed our eyes and layed upright frozen, but I don’t think we really even slept. We were given Indian chicken curry and other unknowns to me…I ate the brownie J
It was cool watching the screen above us that showed our flight path- when we were over Switzerland I really hoped that we would have to do an emergency fuel up or something to get a better look J
After going through Immigration we had to walk through a roped off crowd of people holding up signs for the tourists. I nervously scanned the crowd- Mike found our names 1st…I was nervous because our plane was almost 2 hours late- I didn’t know if the hotel driver would wait for us. I couldn’t stop smiling when we finally breathed in the notorious Delhi air. Immidatly we were pinpionted and 2 men ran up and grabbed Mike’s bags out of his hands even though Mike said no thanks- they wanted to bring them to the car for us for a tip. Out hotel guy came to our rescue and pryed the bags out of the man’s hands.
The 40 minute drive to the hotel was slightly overwhelming…although it was dark so Im sure I didn’t even see it all. There are cows, camels, and boney dogs walking around the street. The driving is crazy and the horns don’t stop beeping. This I could take in w/ an exciting smile but then I had to do a double look. Was that crowd of people really sleeping on the highway medium? Yes. And for the rest of the way, that is what I saw. I knew people lived on the streets of India but I never imagined it to be like this. They are litteraly on the sidewalks and street and sidewalk mediums.
When we came to our hotel we were ready for sleep- Mike is still sleeping- the sky is just getting light now…unfortunatly I could not sleep. The hotel is quite nice, the said they upgraded us too- we are on the top floor overlooking a foggy city. It is still monsoon season here, our driver said that today was the 1st dry day in a while. So anyways, we made it and we ready to see India! We meet our agency contact in the morning.

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