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Friday, August 29, 2008

All smiles

Sova's Shell is cracking and so is her smile!
We usually have to waker her up- and she is happy and chats away. Walking through the hallway yesterday a staff said, 'goodmorning' to her and she anwered clearly-'good morning'...her 1st engilsh word (besides mommy/daddy) we were pretty surprised! After breakfast the 2 girls hammed it up in the lobby- singing the months of the year and the days of the week for us in English w/ their strong Oriyan accents- it was beautiful. We drove through Old Agra past the India I always pictured- narrow cobblestone paths, rickshaws and oxen carts- people everywhere of course. Little tiny shops- pile of rice and fruit for sale. We went to Rajeevs home where he gave us the girls files and his wife made us the best lunch ever. The girls played on the couch for such a long time.
Next was the Taj- of course amazing! It was the hottest day we have ever felt though- (Lindsay I took great pics just for you- but unfortunatly I cant upload right now) We got the most stares yet at the Taj- we felt like one of the wonders of the world!
Saddly we had to say goodbye to the Millermons that day- it was such a blessing going through this process together- we will definatly be staying in contact!
Sova enjoys the pool- although she was not to keen on keeping On her bathing suit! She though it was weird that we wore clothes in the water- but the water she does love- she wanted to go under alot.
Friday when she woke up she asked for 'Mingy' (shasmita's nickname) who has left for good- we got a little nervous because she was asking all morning- but she is fine now. She wanted to give Mingy her bread left over from her dinner- and we coulnt help but crack up becasue all week we were joking around w/ the Millermons that Shasmita has been stealing our daughters food it was pretty funny that she wanted to do that. She did not want to go to bed last night but by the time I tucked her in- brushed my teeth and came back - she was really sound alsleep- she litteraly breaks records in the falling asleep division.
We are now homesick for the boys- we did more sightseeing today and we are about to go out to shopping and dinner again w/ Rajeev and his wife- we leave tomorrw but not until very late night- we get home early Sunday morning.
Im not sure if I will be able to blog again- I really hope to upload these great pictures but our wifi is not working and Im using the hotels.


Ed Markiewicz said...

Congratulations... best of life to all of you.

I hope her fourth word is "Nana"

It was great traveling Africa with your mom... you are so lucky to have her... Its obvious why your family is so hapy. Hope to see y'all and Sova before I head back to Portland. Ed M>

Turner's said...

Great to hear you are back home. Thank-you for the pictures, she's so precious!
Keep us posted as to how Sova and the rest of your family is adjusting. And most of all if you have any prayer requests!

All our love and more!
Dad & Con xoxo