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Monday, August 18, 2008

India Itinerary

This is what our week in India will be like:

Thursday after a couple hour drive from CT we will depart from New Jersey- non stop to Delhi @ 8:30 PM

Arrive in Delhi, India- Friday 8:15 PM(Talk about LONG FLIGHT...we skipped our date night this week because we will have almost 24 hrs. belted next to eachother :)
Our Hotel will be holding up our names when we arrive (Hopefully!)

Sat. morning we meet up w/ our in-country contact from our agency- Rajeev.Maybe we will shop?

Sun. we are meeting up w/ the other family adopting- we will all fly together to the region of Orissa- a tribal region where the orphanage is.staying at a nice hotel overnight

Monday Aug.25th is what the adoption world calls our 'Gotcha Day!' We spend the day at the orpahnage- pick up Sova and fly back to Delhi that night w/ her.

Delhi is the capitol and where the US embassy is- that is why we fly back there. We will stay in a nice hotel and do our embassy work on Tuesday and Wednesday- visa interveiws ect-

Once we get her Visa (hopefully Wednesday AM) we will drive w/ Rajeev and other family to Agra- about 4 hours away and stay in another hotel near the Taj Mahal.

Thursday I think we are touring the Taj.

Friday the other family leaves- we'll just hang out by the pool.

Saterday the 30th we will drive back (4hrs) to Delhi to catch our 10:50 PM flight HOME!

We arrive in New Jersey Sunday Aug. 31st at 4:30 AM...yikes...then we drive a couple hours north to home sweet home Connecticut!

Just thinking about our 1st day home is making me tired! It will seem like a very long trip because we are going to be missing our boys like crazy.

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