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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Visa Done!

Well we are done! Rajeev has been doing adoptions for 15 years and has never seen visa’s issued so fast…2 families at that-he is so effiecient! So are we now back on schedule even after delays in Orissa that I will never forget. We are driving to Agra as I type. Im looking out at crowds of people in their little make shift tent homes- they litteraly sleep anywhere- there are also monkeys, cows, many dogs, I am told elephants and camels too but it is dark. Sova is sound asleep curled up under my arm. She is defintaly a Turner kid because she is a complete cuddle bug w/ mommy…although she wont cuddle w/ mike yet he has gotten 3 kisses so far :)
When we first met her she came in the room and walked over to us- I got on my kneees to hug her and and I tried so hard not to cry- she said in a tiny voice that was slightly choked up, 'mommy...daddy.' I said, 'mun thumor mommy' (I am your mommy) and she did a big exhale-it was the most emotional experience ever- (she is the bravest child I know- she does a lot of big exhales to help control her emotions- she also purses her lips into almost a fish face to try not to crack a smile when...although it's so close to cracking!) I did not want to make her cry so I carried her over to my purse and gaver her a tiny baby doll-she loved it and and happily played w/ it while we collected ourselves! She was happy all day as we walked freely around the orphange. SHe was proud to show her friends that her parents are here- other kids would call us mommy/ daddy and sit on us and want to be held- Sova made it clear to them that we were her's- although that did not stop us from holding nearly every child!
Her 'playschool teacher' loved her very much- in broken English she told me she too has 2 sons but she loves Sova as much as her own...that was a litteral prayer that came out of my mouth many times this past year- I was so happy to know someone had been showing her real love. The girls were happy all day but when the cars pulled up they got scared- what a sight to see the 2 of them hand and hand trying to get away! Needless to say there were many tears- but as we drove away past the little shanty town she fell asleep and woke up w/ out tears. She cried again before we got on the plane but she quickly fell asleep again.
She is timid but very loving. She holds us very tight- almost clings to my neck-She wants to be held rather than walk- when we are in a store she will look for me if I am a few feet away- walk over and say, 'mommy je boh.' (mommy let's go)
She woke up late this morning and asked for mommy and then some other unknown words. We understand the basics- she tells us when she has to use the bathoom and when she wants water. We have been able to tell her in Oriayn that we love her among quite a bit of other helpful phrases. She is a very good eater which is great because she is so very boney- her braclets we bought her slip right off- caleb (2) is bigger than her we think. We have been actually limitng food because they can consume quite a bit- and when we place a glass of water or juice in front of them they chug it w/ out stopping.
It was quite a bit of driving around to embassy- Dr. and back to embsasy- and then a lot of waiting around for the visa. The girls were amazing. Sova has been so quiet we have barely heard her adorable voice- when she does speak her language sounds so beatuiful. Sometimes we catch her just staring at us w/ those huge eyes and I cant help to wonder what in the world she is thinking! She has been so tired- she will curl up on my lap and fall sleep so easily- I think they are used to doing that when they get tired- I saw many kids sleeping on their chairs or in the middle of the playroom at the orpahnage.
Shasmita is the daughter of Joel and Ginger- it is so fun to watch them interact. This morning when we met for breakfast they said something to eacheother and then looked eachother up and down in their new clothes-checking eachother out-it was so cute. They are such girls- they love their jewlery that they wore home from the orphange- sova wont take off her gold necklace. Today she pointed to a street vendor selling coloreful beaded necklaces….needless to say she has added these to her growing collection.
A few months ago we sent a doll to sova with another family. That doll had become her secutiry object and she rarely puts it down. She held it tight all day feeding it a bottle I brought. We gave her a little backpack filled w/ a few small things and she guards it tightly- she wants it on her lap in the car- she does not play much w/ the items but likes to peer in often to make sure they are all there. I think she is proud that she has her own things and may be afraid of it taken away-
In the morning we will go to the Taj Maul- we are right down the street.

PS> Jacob & Caleb- mommy & daddy miss you so much! We will be coming home in a few days to give you Big hugs- Sova wants to see her brothers! We love you!


Sarah Torchio said...

You have actually brought tears to my eyes!!! lol I am so happy for you! See you all soon!!

Cathy said...

Sova is so beautiful and so are you! Congrats to you all. So excited to meet Sova and make her feel so welcomed to our family. Can't wait to play with her and I am even going to let her paint my feet!! Sending you hugs, love and blessings for a safe trip home.
Love you lots...Auntie