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Friday, March 15, 2013

school stuff

After spending some time raising children from 3 different continents I have learned that kids are kids- they really are just the same. period.

When reading their school books they want to know where they are going to stop before they even start- so they can tab the page.


Day 2 in America I started school with them.  I didn't really plan it- they forced me.  When doing school w/ the younger three I wanted the twins to wander and play and just 'be.'  Not just for their sake but for mine- I was terrified of doing elementary school with five children- that's a private school!

  But they would wander in, sit down and ask for school.  Sometimes I would say, 'later,' but  Helen would always ask, "Why?"
                                         1st week home

Right now I have no idea what to call their grade- but it doesn't really matter now...they are sooooo bright I have no doubt that they will be graduating with their age peers.

They are doing 1st grade reading- Cat and the Hat books and those early readers (not bad for not knowing 1 word of English 6 months ago!!) 


They are doing 3rd grade math curriculum (addition/ subtraction and multiplication)

They see that Jacob does his 4th grade math using a computer program that they are so interested in- so after I explained to them that once they finish their 3rd grade math they get to use Jacob's computer math program- Helen started doing 3 days of math in 1 day.  She probably does 3 weeks work of math in 1 week because she wants to use that computer program so bad.  Im letting her do this as long as she keeps getting the answers right!  Talk about ambitious...(and she's the one who is contemplating being either a doctor or a nun...no kidding there;)


They are 1st grade spelling, and I have them practice lots of copywork.


They listen in to our history and science books but this is one HUGE gap that I see in their education.  It's pretty obvious they did not have these subjects- sometimes it shocks us what they don't know.


they have never seen pictures or heard about TONS of animals.  Sharks, whales, almost all sea creatures expect fish.  Bears- They had no idea about.  A kangaroo- they thought was hysterical- they cant wrap their mind around the whole pouch thing. 
 Mystic aquarium was a thrill for them- during the sea lion show- where the person commands the sea lions to do things- the girls  looked shocked and totally confused about how the animals can hear and obey....must of even been a little creepy!



Walking in our woods they have asked if we have tigers.  They have told us countless stories about hyeenas in their own area.  They are so scared of hyenas- they told me that when there mom was out at night they would stack things up behind their door so that hyenas would not push their way in! 


They have no geography or history education.  They  know very few names of African counties- never mind Europe, Asia and the Americas.  They are not familiar with maps and globes- which blew my mind again...I could have pointed to Vermont and told them that was Ethiopia and they would have believed me!

History is totally confusing and Im sure they are not grasping any of it- Im just glad they listen in to my reading- I know they aren't able to comprehend about Columbus or the Middle Ages right now when I read about this stuff to the kids- they never heard of England-  ...it will just be really interesting stuff for them when they hear it again later and actually comprehend it.

Food is still a daily struggle.  Helen hates everything dairy (except icecream of course!) her teacher would force her to drink milk with she said, 'but there was flies on it mommy, gross!"  So she wrote off all dairy for the rest of her life.

 Jerusalem doesn't like chicken- which is 1/2 of the meals I make!   Most fruits and veggies we give them are new to them and they are still scared to try lots of things.  They eat...so that s good...but with the girls strong aversions to many different foods, Caleb's food coloring allergy and Jacob's supposed to avoid gluten...it's no wonder why I hate to cook!?!

 It's a God miracle that their favorite food is venison- it make's Mike supper proud that the girls go crazy for it :)
to be continued...

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