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Sunday, March 24, 2013

living w/ grandma, candy & beds

I have learned so much from these girls- sometimes I feel like Im living w/ my grandmother who grew up in the great depression. 

They are very concerned about us not wasting our food.  The first time Jerusalem caught me scrapping the left over food  off of the dinner plates into the garbage- she shrieked, "What are you doing mommy!??!"

  Every once in a while I forget they are near and do that and I get scolded.  Recently I have had to throw out moldy bread- the girls have some type of sensors on them about food in the trash- the bread has been removed from the trash and mama has been brought into questioning!

 Of course I save our leftovers but  I know that left over pieces of burnt chicken and soggy green beans will never get re- heated for another meal but I have started to throw them into Tupperware for the girls peace if mind. 


The 1st time we went through a McDonalds drive thru and got ice-cream sundaes- the twins brought in their empty plastic containers into the house- rinsed them and put them away with our dishes.


The first few visits at a restaurant- the twins collected all the plastic straws in our cups to bring them home.


A few times I felt the need to give them medicine for some issue they were having- whether headaches or upset stomachs- they protest and avoid meds at all cost.  A couple times 2 of the other kids needed prescriptions and eveynight when the kids would take their medicine- they would say- "America Dr.'s crazy- too much medicine."


One thing I am very excited that they know alot about is naturalpathic type of home remedies! 

One night Mike was very sick- I was cooking diner and happened to be chopping garlic- they saw the garlic- grabbed some and ran to Michael telling him to eat it and that it would make him better :)


My friend was over making Indian food and she had tons of spices w/ her- the girls recognized most of them and 1 particular spice they told us that mommy's take to help make more milk for their babies (which is true.)


They told me that they would churn their own butter and use it for hair product too.


They happen to be candy phenes and I think they are literally going through sugar withdrawals sometimes!  They ask me for candy everyday- which I don't usually even have in the house.  They think Im crazy when I say that it's bad for you and no good.  They laugh and say, "yes good!"  I say- "yes- good on your tongue- but no good in your body"

They truly think Im nuts and they have no idea about candy and sugar being bad for you...they told me they had candy everyday walking to and from school...no joke when I think they went through sugar withdrawals...
                                            I hear, "I NEED candy" ringing in my ears somedays...
they are addicts in withdrawl I tell you!


They never had a toothbrush until they came to the orphanage...but amazingly they have no cavities and the most beautiful teeth.  They told me that they would clean their teeth everyday with leaves from a particular tree- those are some good leaves!


Since the girls came home we made a bit of a tradition of having a family camp out on the living room floor on Saturday nights.  I usually get the couch to myself while all the kids fight to sleep next to Mike on the large blowup mattress.  We put on a family movie and they really do all go to sleep after the movie...we've probably only skipped 5 weeks out of the 20 weeks they've been home (I know because they keep track!)


The kids also got into another strange sleeping habit that I still cant decide is good or bad.  They all don't like to sleep in their beds alone!  It started w/ the twins of course- they are not used to sleeping in their own beds- so Helen especially would always end up in either Jerusalem or Sova's bed.  Many nights when I go in to peek on them before I go to bed I find all 3 girls piled in 1 bed! 
 Strangely this flowed over into the boys room- and most nights I find the boys in the same bed too.
  Everymoring I ask, "wasn't it too squishy?" and they always reply- "no it's good!"

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