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Monday, February 25, 2013


So, there was a lot of hype for these poor girls about swimming.

It started out w/ our photo albums- they were mesmerized w/ the "big water"  aka. the ocean...which they have never seen before. 


Then in a bag of donated clothes for the twins we found a few 1 piece swimsuits with matching water shorts.  I begged them to try them on but did I mention to you that these girls are Modest with a capital M!  Which of course if a good thing but when you want to take them swimming- that became a bit of an issue.

They could not believe that I own a bathing suit for myself- even when I told them that I swim with my water shorts on!


This weekend we pretended to drive to home depot (because you know- doesn't every family go there a few times a week?) and after a while Jacob noticed that the GPS stated that we were 5 hours away from our destination.  We surprised them to a weekend get-away in New Hampshire at a hotel w/ a pool.

Helen was screaming enthusiastically along w/ the other kids at the idea but quickly informed us that she will NOT be swimming.  Jules did not like the idea of being surprised, "Why you no tell us?  Crazy."  She seemed a bit nervous and the 1st thing she asked me was if I packed her Tigrinya Bible.  In the secretive packing rush of things I missed that and she was crushed-  (she got the Bible in her own language for Christmas and since then she has not missed a day!  I know- what a bad mom!)


Helen's 1st question was if I brought her doll...check.


So before hand, I scoured many a stores for boy style trunk shorts for girls- to no avail!  When we got to the pool on the 1st night- Helen stood firm and sat in a chair- with her winter coat zipped up- and watched us all swim- trying to take it all in.

Jerusalem wanted to swim but had to be convinced that wearing her sweats and sweatshirt in the water would not work out too well.  She reluctantly put on a suit w/ the shorts that in her opinion was way too short- and kept her t-shirt on too.  I walked out of the hotel room wearing a black cover-up..like a sun dress- and they could not believe that I was stepping foot in public showing so much of my legs!  (I might add here that they were also enthralled w/ the fact that they can see my blue veins through my pasty white legs..nothing like being laughed at for not only your choice of clothes but also your veins...sweet huh ;)

Once we made it to the pool
Oh boy- did Jerusalem LOVE it!!!  At 1st she was very nervous and scared of going too deep.  Before long she was jumping in the shallow end and dunking her head up and down.  Whenever we tried holding her belly and having her kick her arms and legs to teach her how to swim she would scream- she was so scared of being dropped.  She preferred to bounce around splashing and  flailing her limbs and screaming at the top of her lungs.  To be honest- there were times when I'd want to whistle and  turn my head-  like that, "who's child is this?" time that mother's sometimes have. 


Those times included were when  poor bikini clad women entered the pool area and Jules mouth would drop and she would say to me, "Oh my goodness mommy- america crazy!  Underwear!!!!!???"  Even after I explain to them that those are bathing suits for swimming they would argue - "No- underwear- ewww!" 

See the crazy eyes! 
So the 1st night Jerusalem would not get out of the pool- Mike took all the kids back to the room while I stayed in the pool w/ her until after 9:30!  I dragged the girl out because I've never seen eye's so blood shot before in my life!

The next day Helen did not have to be asked twice...she was in- yes fully clothed :)

She too liked it but was a bit less dramatic about it.  She wanted me to spend alot of time teaching her how to swim and started to get frustrated when she couldn't.  Even after explaining that it takes some time to learn- they both thought they should learn right now!  Jerusalem's conclusion, "see, mommy- I eat too much food- tummy to big- I fall down!" 


So final conclusion- they loved the pool, they are mad that they cant swim, they think american swim wear is crazy, and I promised to find some cute surf suits for them- in pink and yellow accordingly. 



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Leah Good said...

Such a funny post, Mrs. Turner. I read it out loud to Mom and Jon and we all laughed our way through it. Too bad more American's don't share you're girl's opinion about bikinis!