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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Who knew?

I'd say it started when Jerusalem saw me throw a pair of Jacob's sweatpants straight into the garbage.

She did not like that.  She took them out and asked why I just threw away his pants.

I showed her the stains that would NOT ever come out and the Large rips that were not even worth mending.  She has seen me donate bags of clothes in those bins around town so I explained that these were just no good- even to give away.

She shrugged and said that in Ethiopia she mended her rips ;)
  I asked her if she and Helen knew how to sew by hand and they said yes.  I was a bit impressed but forgot about it.

A few weeks later Sova brought out her sewing basket to make a pillow for her doll.
As I sat with Sova helping her get started the girls eyes lit up at the thought of actually sewing items for their dolls!  All I had to give them was some felt scraps and some lace trimmings. 

They sat down to work and when I finished with Sova and walked over to them to help them 'get started' this is what I found:

Jerusalem made the most beautiful pillow!

Helen made an impressive assortment of doll clothes including a doll apron and nana helped her sew a matching skirt for herself!

Caleb soon realized that his "Lamby" was naked and wanted to make him clothes too!

Here's Sova's doll skirt

Helen made Jacob a case for his Kindle and then Jacob made her a case for her mp3:

The sewing took on a life of it's own and so did my living room:

The next day I let the kids each pick out some cloth at the fabric store for their own creations....
WOW!  Not sure what I was thinking- next time I will definatly go ALONE :)

Besides that fact...they were all pretty excited to get to work!

Jacob made a Patriots pillow:

Caleb made a monkey pillow and a sleeping bag for his Lamby :)

Helen got a little ambitious and started cutting out patterns to make her own clothes!

While the blizzard was entering the state we drove to nana's house to use her sewing machine- beacuse this stuff is just that important ;)
We had one tired nana and 3 very happy girls!  :)
So who knew...I have kids that can sew...
I'm not crafty but I always wanted my kids to have some type of hobby like this.
That evening I was choping venecin that Mike hunted earier this year, the kids were all sitting by the woodstove sewing and listening to the book on CD,  'Little House on the Prarie."
For  just a moment I felt like a true hometeader :)
 Jacob wants to open up a business called:  "A.I. E"
"American. Indian.  Ethiopian."   :)


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Lisa Eggs said...

Thanks for the glimpse into your homeschooling day! Your children look so happy :) Impressive sewing skills! The twins look like they are enjoying being part of this beautiful family. Enjoy your weekend :O)