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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Moving along

Well we are trucking along...

Just got an update that the girls passports were issued yesterday.
Next Tuesday the 21st they have will their medicals done and once those are done our paper work will Finnaly be submitted to the embassy.
 Strangely the embassy only accepts paperwork on Tuesdays so seeing how their medicals are going to be on Tuesday- our paperwork will probrably get submitted the following Tuesday on Aug. 28th. 

The embassy will then email us when they recieve it and they go through the final 'investigation.'  Typically cases are cleared within 3-4 weeks. 
We will then be able to make our own appointment with them on the day of our choice.  We were told that most families pick a date about 2 weeks away in order to get plane tickets, house and children in order...but I think we will just fly out of the door and say we're on our way.  If the time line goes on schedule then we will expect the green light near the end of September!
There is tons of waiting in an adoption...but this by far is the worst! 

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