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Monday, August 27, 2012

4 years later

This weekend we celebrated what we call 'India Day' or Sova's 4 year anniversary of being in our family.

In the midst of this crazy adoption Sova-Grace is nice reminder in our household that one day...things will be normal.

We met her 4 years ago in a very large and rowdy orphanage. We were literally stepping over children- they seemed to be everywhere. It was so overwhelming.

Everyone who knows our family says they cant remember when Sova wasn't here.

Even after being home 1-2 years later, I remember Sova would often ask children who she just met if they had a mommy.  In her world in was just normal to not have had one and this was an important subject to her on the playground.

No adoption is seamless and rosy. We've had our fair share of difficulties but
she is a perfect fit and we cant imagine life without her. I know we will one day say the same about the twins.

I have to remind myself that Sova came to us not knowing not knowing 1 word of English but she was fluent within 4-5 months. I don't even remember the language barrier being an issue at all...she just picked new words up everyday. The challenge was trying to figure out the English words in her thick little accent...and I secretly love that she still has an accent! Because the twins are older it will definatly take longer for them...I've been told it can be a whole year of charades (but I love games :)

Alot of people are worried about the language issue. Im not exactly sure how it will go but I am sure that they will speak English one day. The reason Im not worried is because I know that unconditional love has no language barriers.

Tonight while tucking Sova in- she told me that her biggest fear is that when I go somewhere- that I wont come back. She is scared that Jacob, Caleb and herself would all have to take care of eachother, "you know, like the boxcar kids." She told me that even when daddy is home and I have to go to a meeting at night she will cry in bed. She told me she is so scared of me not coming home, and her "and the brothers" having to take care of eachother. Then she looked up and stated strongly, "but if I saw a child who was sinking or was being taken away and locked up...I would take that childs place!"

Not sure where that statement even fits into what we were talking about but I think she just wanted to make her point clear. 'I may be scared- but Im willing to sacrifice for the sake of another!'

And the crazy thing is...I really know she would.

Some may say 4 years as an orphan scarred her heart.

Yes, I am Believing for the healing of her insecurities but there is a beauty from the ashes that is indescribable in this child. What a gift... She is rooting for the underdogs in life and I've said it before and I will say it again...she's something special and Im believing she is going to touch countless lives with her compassion.

She's the one who after a few months of being home- threw her stuffed animals and dolls off the bed and scooched over to the side and passionately stated that "we have more room!" "See...I can fit more in my bed! I have too much toys- I can share with them." She told me that I can share my toothbrush and that daddy should go back to India and get more kids because they don't have a mommy and daddy.

I will never forget walking out of her room that night...basically we were scolded for hording- she knew we had too much and we have room for more. She knew the reality that she was living like a princess while her friends were back in the orphanage and that was just not OK with her.

I prayed that night that she would never loose that...thank you God, she still has it.

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