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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Butterfly Man

I hope your packing Aunty Jocelyn & Uncle Ian...we got some excited kids in Connecticut!
As you can see your on our Christmas chain countdown- 4 more days!
Jacob saw an airplane today and thought it might be you guys...I told him I sure hope not cuz their not landing until Thursday and that would be a long flight.

I wish I had my camera this weekend...it was the biggest Kodak moment I've seen in a long time.
Saterday we took the kids to a Butterfly sanctuary...it was realy cool- the best part was that you felt like you were in the rainforest even though it was freezing outside.
Anyways- a particular species of butterfly were very much attracted to Michael. It was hilarious- they were kind of attacking him- they were on his head- on his nose- is stomach- his back- his legs...
It was only the black and yellow kind. At first he was freaking out and waiving them away- but this was making the kids very nervous- they then began to scream at butterflys and we were getting some irritated looks by the fellow butterfly observers, so MIke deciede to embrace the butterflys . He stood in the center of the sanctuaty and posed w/ his arms out standing very still...and then they came- they were fluttering all around him- people came and watched...It was hilarious- I was crying...I cant believe I didnt have a camera!
I call Sova-Grace, 'my little butterfly' because she is so delicate and she kind of walks like she's fluttering around- and she loves butterflys...but strangely now when I see a butterfly I will be reminded of my large husband ducking in the bushes from these dainty little creatures- that he swears were spitting on him!


Sarah Torchio said...

hahahaha your post cracked me up!!!! We missed you Sat night at our ugly sweater party!

The Turner's said...

haha-we didnt have any ugly sweaters..j/j Mike was actually getting pretty into it he wanted matching blinking rudolf sweaters...
sorry- I had a Bday to go to!

Jocelyn Barker said...

First, I am so honored you acknowledged my special presence as your blog stalker in directly speaking to me.
Second, I really am like "the Santa your kids never had", huh?
Third, I am laughing out loud just picturing the butterfly chaos! Mike thought they were spitting on him!!!! Oh my, this made my day.

Dugans said...

Oh how i wish i could have seen that! Big Mike scared of delicate butterflies!!!