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Monday, December 8, 2008

1st Snow

The Return of the Gingerbread House
Stringing Popcorn
Sova's 1st snow:

upon opening the door to get a better look she turns around w/ a disappointed look on her face and says, "mommy...snowman? snowman no?" with a shrug.

Upon touching it she said, "mommy- icecubes!"

I think all of our picture books of snow have snowmen in them and she assumed they must fall w/ the snow!
When she came in the house and some snow fell on the floor and was on her coat- she said, "Oh my gosh! snowman in the house! get out!"

This morning (one day after after the snow) she opened the door and said, "no...no snowman."

1 comment:

Dugans said...

what a sweetheart! I love her so much- to think -raining snowman! Wouldn't that be nice - then we wouldn't have to go outside and actually be in the cold cold snow!!!