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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

FIsh lover monkey hater

I've never met a child who when reading a bedtime story w/ pictures of farm animals in it - the child sees a chicken and says, "eat it" and then goes to the Beta fish bowel and says, "Sova eat the fish?" I told her no and she said, "awww yes, Sova eat the fish."
Walking through pet stores is fun too...she saw a large fish tank and said, "ohhhh...Sova eat it." I
I guess she really enjoys eating her fish and chicken! We found out that she does Not like monkeys and the Rainforest Cafe. She sat on my lap the whole time and when dinner came she said, "mommy...eat and GET OUT!"

Let's see...lately I've been regretting my last post about loving November...I forgot it gets dark and cold early. Ya see after dinner the kids used to go outside to play w/ Mike- while I get to clean up in peace. Now it's dark and freezing and there is no peace :)
I really dont know what to do... we've been playing hide and seek for weeks now w/ the same 4 good hiding spots- Mike stands in the middle of the room w/ a sheet over his head and they still love it!
Mike has resorted to laying on the floor and letting the kids jump all over him. Then it leads to taking out ALL of the couch cushions and clobbering Mike. THis is one very crazy time-the kids are all beat red and and take turns between laughing and crying. Tis the season!

Also I just realized that After 2 1/2 months of Sova being in America...her language is 95% English! Today I noticed that she rarely if ever speaks Oriyan...It truly blows my mind how these little children can do this- but they do. She obviously has a very thick (and quite adorable) accent which will remain for quite some time I think...so many people dont understand what she is saying- but she is saying the english word- just a w/ an accent and maybe a little bit wrong (ilifent = elepahnt) So much worrying for nothing!


Jocelyn Barker said...

The title of this post is hilarious. I had no idea she was progressing so well in English! That's amazing! And...no comment on the whole Caleb on a doggie leash? :)

The Turner's said...

Make no mistake about it Jaja...that is a 'child leash!'
Of course only needed on child #1!