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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Happy First Birthday Little Miss Miriam Hope!

Seriously, I can't believe that this Little Lady is turning One Years Old!

How does that happen- I feel like just yesterday I reluctantly called Mike from the hospital and lied to him telling him that I am ready to come home even though I really wasnt... they just were kind of kicking me out. I was terrified! My 5 muskeeters ages 8-13 kept me busy round the clock...I litteraly was homeschooling them while I was in labor because I was scared that I would never get a solid read-a-loud-chapter in again!

And then...Miriam Hope was born. She certainly proved me wrong.

Yes, she is an angel baby who rarely cries, but she has this magical charm about her that even though she didnt sleep through the night for 9 months and would only fall asleep if you rocked her, and preferred our bed, and pretty much nursed every 3 hours durring daylight for a whole year thus keeping me wrapped around her finger...I miraculosly didnt care.

I just so enjoyed having a baby again that all the little inconviences and annoyances that several years ago drove me crazy...I knew something this time around.

'Time' happend.

My first born is now 12 and taller than me and those 'little girls' we adopted a few years ago are teens. Now when that infamous old man at the grochery store talks to me about how fast this goes by I practically have to hold back my tears and chime in, 'yes! I know! They really do grow up fast! It's true...I dont beleive it's a myth anymore- this heart throb next to me that looks as if he can be my boyfriend was just a baby 2 days ago!'

I also could not be more proud of my 5 big kids. They are seriously amazing and have been a huge blessing. I have 2 who can still sit in the playpen with her and buy me some more time with distractions when she wants to get out, I had amazing bouncers and rockers to get her to sleep, I had stroller pushers, diaperbag carriers, blankie finders, public nursing body sheilds, baby wardrobe designers, and entertainers...at times I felt famous with my array of personal assistants! I kept on waiting for the baby excitement to wear off on them but I realized that is just not gonna happen. Every one of them is goo goo over her- daily they want her hugs and kisses- they want to say goodnight at every naptime- after sleepovers they swoon, "I havent see you baby all day!" I hear them telling her, "your SO CUTE!" 200 times a day. They still call 'dibs' on holding her next and argue over who's turn it is to watch her. No joke- early on I had to implement "alone time" for Miriam- where nobody is allowed to pick her up or talk to her so that she can chill and play alone like babies without 5 siblings do! I have surprised myself at how many times I have called in panic, "where's the babY!" after seeing her empty bouncy seat where I just left her....she gets snatched around here quickly ;)

Happy First Birthday to our little lady, Miriam Hope. You are incedibly cute, sweet, smart, cherished and loved. We thank God everyday for the precious gift that you are to us.

And if you havent noticed yet- your kind of a big deal around here ;)





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