"Once our eyes are opened, we can't pretend we don't know what to do. God who weighs our hearts and keeps our souls knows that we know, and holds us responsible to ACT"...Proverbs 24:12

Monday, October 1, 2012

Thank you!!!!

Well we did it..,.mission accomplished- twins are home :)


Traveling made it pretty clear to us that the girls are experiencing many 'firsts.'

To name just a few: 

the automatic faucets in the bathroom were a hit, the automatic hand dryer...not so much a hit, I even noticed that they were enthralled with the paper towels in the bathroom.


I don't know what I was thinking but I hopped on an escalator just thinking that they would follow me...good thing Mike was behind them because they refused to go on the thing.

If only I had a camera to capture the look on their faces as I was escorted up on the magic silver stairway.  They took the stairs :)


We did convince them to try the moving walkway in the airport and that was a sight...but they just take everything in with big giggles and big eyes.


On our 6 hour layover we sat in front of a see through elevator- we were able to see the gears and the box moving up and down...that's one ride that they plan on saving for another day....

The light up- floor was avoided at all costs in Dubai.


To pass the time one of them decided it was a good time to clip her toenails...at this point we were too tired to do anything about it but laugh.


They laughed when the plane bounced off the run way and were fascinated by all the buttons and gadgets.  They put on head phones and heard music come out of them for the first time...they were talking very loudly about it and then put it on my ears so I can hear.  Jerusalem enjoyed flashing the lights on and off and switching every button on the TV screen that she had in from of her. 


Any of the airplane food that they did not eat they would offer to Mike and I- even if we too did not touch the cream cheese and crackers on our own plates...

It was one long trip but they did supper.

When we pulled up to the house the girls recognized it from their picture books.  Our kiddos we out getting lunch w/ nana so we showed them around the house.

The kids then pulled up and it was so awesome to see them.  The twins were standing in the doorway smiling and I think my other 3 couldn't believe that the girls were really standing in front of them.  It was definatly one of those awkward moments for them all...none of them knew what to do and no one felt ready to give those big hugs yet. 

The first hour the girls were back to their shy quiet selves until the kids sat next to them with the precious puzzles :)  That got some interaction going and loosened them all up a bit.  Then Jacob realized the best way to speak to them is through serving them- so he would bring them water, games, their shoes, anything he could think of as an excuse to interact with them in a neutral way :)

So in the 1st 24 hours home they have swung on our huge swing, very hesitantly bounced on the trampoline,  played the piano, tried a razor scooter, and sat on a bicycle for the first time.  They were crazy over the bike and laughed so hard as I toted them all over the grass- they were a bit scared to pedal and enjoy coasting for now.

EVERYTHING is so new...from microwaves to the mysterious loud large box otherwise known as the dryer...
Last night as our family sat around the fire pit together I recalled that it was only in late May-
 only 4 months ago-that we saw the girls faces on the 'waiting child' page and God started speaking to us that these were the ones.  I remembered the kids prayers and pleas, and I remember Mike and mine fears and doubts.  I didnt need to glance at the girls eating their icecream under the stars to know that this was right...every fiber in my body tells me that even though this is hard, even though there is deep sadness in this story- God has a plan, he has a purpose, he set the girls here and I am overcome with gratitude to God to think of us and believe that we can handle this.
  I remember thinking about the impossiblity of the financial situation- we would have to give up every last penney that we fundraised for our flights if we wanted to add a 2nd child.  We would have to start at $0 with no new fresh ideas.  Tears are running down my cheeks just thinking of the greatness of our God.  I could just sit here all day just thinking of the amazing things that he has done for us concerning our adoptions...he has truly blessed us beyond what we could ever had imagined.  And God does not show favortism...what he has done for us he has done for countless of other families who have who have had nothing in their pockets but a only a heart that beats 'yes' for this.  It's called faith and it's scarey...but it really works everytime.
We started this jounrney almost 2 1/2 years ago- oh my how the road has taken many twists and turns- to think I was terrified of announcing that we were going to adopt ONE Baby- I actually was worried people would think we were crazy...Im glad to see that God had taken away that fear from me :)
Thank you all so much for taking this journey with us!  It has truly been so amazing to have our friends and family's support through this.  We litteraly could not have done this without you- from watching our kids, to financially helping us get these girls  home, to listening to me babble on about the paperwork and where we are in the process, to most importantly your prayers for our family.
Im so moved by it all and thank you is not even adequate.
I'm off to start my 1st day of homeschooling 5 kids. 
If only you knew how scared I was to start homeschooling one 4 year old many years ago!  Im just glad that God doesnt show the whole picture before we are really ready for it :)
The ethiopian coffee is brewing in the pot and Im actually thankful that jet-lag has been waking me up early to have this alone time.  Getting ready for all the funny things that will happen today...






Jessica Stepensky said...

Do the girls speak English? If not, how are they/you dealing with the language barrier?

Ryan said...

How awesome it has been to follow this adventure. Thank you for sharing and may God continue to bless your family.

Leah Good said...

As usual (it's been a daily thing during your stay in Ethiopia), Mom and I cried through your post today. Good tears. Thank God your travels went well and you're all settling into your "new normal". We'll continue to pray!

Jess Toro said...

So happy to see the fulfillment of so many prayers, prophecy's, and promises! We love you guys and will be praying for a fun enjoyable transition. I am so glad to see the joy of the Lord all over you!

Jill said...

Jessica S:

no, the girls dont speak english yet but I am amazed at how easily I have been able to communicate with them...serisously, anything I have wanted to show them or tell them can be done though speaking only a couple words and doing charades/pointing/motioning...
I have picture cards up and I do picture flashcards to teach some basic objects ect. Sova was fluent in English in 4 months but she was 4 yrs old...the girls will take longer but it will happen...so far it's not been too hard and it really helps that there is 2 of them...if one of them gets what I am trying to say- she tells the other :)