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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

March: #45

In December when we finnaly made it on WACAP's  wait list we were #55.

We slowly crawled down the line a bit and in March, we became #45.
I hate seeing those high numbers but hey, it's progress right??

It sounds quite strange to be on a 'waiting' list to adopt when their are Millions of children out there needing familes.  We didnt have to do this w/ our 1st adoption and frankly....Im sure glad we didnt have to! 
Our adoption agency (WACAP) only has 2 orphanges right now (a 3rd is in the works) and that means only a certain # of beds available.  As soon as 1 child leaves another child is brought in from one of the in-country orphanges. 

There has been alot going on in the Ethiopian adoption world this year.  There is 1 judge who signs off on all of the inter-country adoptions and she will be lowering her case load per day.  If there are delays, slow downs and bottle necks in the courts over there- then it keeps the children waiting longer in their orphanges and it keep this mama waiting for a refferal!

We were expecting to get a refferal this fall and travel to Ethiopia by Christmas.  It's too early to really say, but I think that we may have to re-adjust our timelines...
WACAP will not be officially changing their timeframes until the fall- it is too early to project delays but Im pretty sure we are being put back at couple months...
We just have to sit back and hold on!

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