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Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Baby Boy!

My baby turned 3 yesterday! He is currently obsessed w/ Wall E the robot(disney movie) - so that was our theme. He ran into our room at 6 am singing happy birthday to himself- he then crawled into bed and said, 'look I grew bigger!'
Caleb is such a funny boy. Just watching him makes you laugh. He has a great imagination.
He is the pickiest eater ever and can be very... stubborn- is a gracious term (mostly around meal time)
And on the other hand- he is definatly the quietest- even easiest child. He goes w/ the flow and can entertain himself all day w/ one army guy. He has the cutest voice I ever heard. Saddly he resuses to use the potty and still wants his pacifier (maybe he knows I dont want him to grow up?)
Unlike Jacob and Sova- he is Not a people person...he does not like to make eye contact w/ new people- he just pretends they are not there...I think it makes him feel better. He adores his big cousin Jack. He plays amazinly well w/ his sister and he likes to be Jacob's sidekick-he will do anything his brother tells him to do. (scary I know)
He loves wresting w/ daddy and I still get serenaded w/ "hold me hold me mama"- Thank God he is still my cuddle bug.
He recently announced to me while we were driving in the car, "Mama, God loves me alot!"
That He does my baby boy and so do we!

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Sarah Torchio said...

AWWW So cute!!!!! He looks so overwhelmed in front of that cake! lol Happy Birthday Caleb!!!