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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Always Room for More

A few nights ago putting Sova-Grace to bed:

"Mom, Sova needs more kids."

me: "you need more kids?"

Sova scooched over against the wall and said, "see, more kids could fit in my bed" she then throws down 2 stuffed animals but grabs her doll tight. "mommy, theres lots and lots of kids at 'dede's room...All the kids!" her eyes bulging (Dede is the pre- K staff woman in the orpahnage...from 8-4 Sova was w/ her and 20 other 3 - 4 year olds in a small room)

me: "you want mommy to go get some of the kids in Dede's room?"

"No...Daddy go get the kids...Sova stay home w/ mommy...
mommy, no presents in India...all the kids-no presents" shaking her head sadly.

me (after running to the video camera to record this conversation!:
"how many kids do you want to come live w/ us?"

Sova: after looking over her bed space "4 kids mom"
after seeing my eyes grow large she continued on and on, "mom, Sova share her jammys, Sova share her dolls, Sova share her toothbrush, Sova share her butterfly wings..."
It went on and on. SHe even suggested that Dede can come too and told me that I should share my jammy's w/ her :)

She then said, "Mommy, go get Sunita..Sunita has no mommy and daddy!"
I told her Sunita DOES have a mommy and daddy -that are coming to get her soon (because I really know this) but she didnt understand and and repeated, "no, mommy! Sunita- NO mommy no daddy!"
I was at a loss for words...so we prayed together for all the children in Dede's room.
She was fine after that small emotional uprising.

SHe simply stuns me. SHe is so greatful for everything- she always says, "mommy, thank you for cooking me food."
I love it that she talks about India often. While cooking or eating she will always comment, "No icecubes in India," 'No cherrios, no waffles in India" "no jeans, no tights, no dolls." It's kind of rare when something does strike a similariy- such as our soft tortialla's on taco night- she got quite excited about those and said, "Sova eat this in India house!"
Im hoping that by continuing to pray for the kids in the orphanage and talking about India as often as we do...this will keep her spirit sensitive, generous, and caring- qualities that already exist in her.
I found her sleeping like this after our conversation..notice the dolls tucked in on her pillow.


Jocelyn Barker said...

This is so incredible I just want to cry. I'm glad she talks about it- what an amazing little girl.

Amy and Scott said...

Wow! That is so awesome! Thank you for sharing. And may her prayers be answered with many families answering God's call to adopt these precious children.
Tarun's mommy

Sarah Torchio said...

Wow! She is so amazing!! She has such a big heart!!

kerry said...

How amazing!

cheryl said...

Thanks for sharing this story.So precious!! I met you through IFS yahoo group and followed your journey. We live in MN and are friends with Scott and Amy Ewest and Wayne and Dawn Witte who just brought their little girl home from India. (Wayne is my husbands brother.) We adopted our little girl Akshya from India in 2005. Our girls talk of India all the time and we pray for the friends back in India as well. We have a non profit stateside that helps support an orphanage in India that has 64 children. This gives our kids contact with the children in India. What a thrill for Sova to see the gift she has in her family!!

Blessings to you and your family,
The Wittes