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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Waitng for a Court date!

Signed the official referral papers of the twins!!!

Yeah! The 'hoop jumping' is over and this week our Mt. of paperwork will be submitted to the Ethiopian courts.  We now just sit tight and wait for them to give us a court date.  Once we recieve our court date it basically means- hey be here on "this day."  THe last family who recieved their court date had only a 2 week notice before they had to fly! 

This trip in NOT where we bring the girls home.  We meet them, bring them photo albums of our family- with pics of their room and our house to they could visually get aquainted w/ what's to come.  We'll play soccer with them and the other kids and basically have a lot of jittery, awkward moments!  I'll somehow finagle measuring shoe and clothes sizes on this trip so I will have a better idea of what to have ready for them.  We go to court in Ethiopia and officially become their parents.  BUT we cant bring them to the US until their Visa's are issued....and that takes 1-2 months. 

In another world if we had no other children that needed  us at home- we would LOVE to take the girls out of the orphange and stay together at the guest house for those 1-2 months while we wait for their visa's. 
But that's not quite possible...so like the majority of adoptive families...we make 2 trips.

Oh my goodness...I just CANT WAIT! 

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