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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

#4 ?!?! :)

Got some exciting news :)
We jumped about 25 numbers and there are now only 3 families in front of us waiting to be matched w/ a child!
How is this possible?  Well...we just didnt want to wait!
 Ya see, if we stayed on the 'baby' list then we were told we could possibly have to wait another year for a refferal.  There is a whole new system going on in Ethiopia now and they are slower than ever...this is all new to the ethiopian adoption world and so w/ these new regulations and all the agencies have no trends so go by to give us realistic timeframes. 
It's all new.  Soooo...we didnt feel to good about that. 
We started to think about increasing our age request- and the more we thought about it...the better it sounded!  It's funny- we had that baby 'itch' but yet we were very much enjoying our new found freedom of having 'older' kids.  (think:  reading a book on the beach...for the 1st time in several years!)  Then we thought of 'starting all over' and the big difference in ages the kids will have (it's really nice having them being so close in age now- they are all into the same stuff!)

So like I said, the more we thought about increasing our age request- the more excited we got...
 There are only 3 other families (w/ our agency) open to a child over 3 right now.
Our new age request is:  0-3
It's possible to still get matched w/ a baby but way more likely now to be matched w/ a 2 or 3 year old. 
And we couldnt be happier!!! 

Now the new timeline:  with only 3 families before us open to children that age it sounds like it wouldnt take any time BUT  the courts in ethiopia take a 2 MONTH summer recess in August and September = there wont be much going on.
  Also, alot of other families who are in front of us on the list may also change their mind and increase their age range too...bumping us back a bit (and there are 30 families in front of us.)
  The orpahanges that our agency works w/ are kind of small too.

So again- they have no idea what to tell us...hopefully this fall, most likely by Christmas, possible to go into the new year. 

Before, the wait was annoying because we were so far up the list.
Now, the wait is exciting because we have no idea when we can get the infamous phone call.
I am preparing myself emotionaly that this too can take long...but giddy w/ excitement that if really may not be much longer! 

Now this seems more real to us and we are praying like crazy for this little girl across the ocean, for her safety & protection, for the healing of her broken little heart & spirit, and for Jesus to hold her in His arms until He brings us to her.


Sarah said...

I am so excited for you guys!!! Can't wait to meet your new little girl :)

Angela said...

Jill, your words made me want to cry...the love you guys carry inside is wonderful. God sees the desires of your hearts. Praying for you and for this precious angel to be able to meet you soon. She is going to be blessed with such good parents and sibling. :)