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Wednesday, November 10, 2010



This is the 'Dossier.'  It's the compiled paperwork to complete an Ethiopian adoption.  In it includes our marriage liscense, birth certifiactes, medical forms, police clearences, homestudy approval, fingerprinting, letters of recomendations, financial papers, and lots of other forms that I barely understand the purposes of :)  All notarized and then appostiled by the secretary of the state (thus the snazy gold seals.)
Honestly- this one was sooooo much less work than India....so very glad about that!
  The paperwork for India was absolultely  incredible- I think it's one of the hardest countries to adopt from...so it's pretty much a miracle that we decieded to do this again ;)
We were plesantly surprised w/ Ethiopia's requirements- and they are truly known as one of the easiest countries to adopt from...thank heavens!

So the copies have been made and the packet has been sent to our agency.  They will then send this to Ethiopia once we get our last fingerprinting back from homeland security and we save up/ sell more stuff ($1,000) then we will be put on the child refferal list...Horray!
Oh, I just cant wait for that day to come- it will just feel more real. 
 It will come.

the cousins fall hike

 Anyone remember these!?  I LOVED these 'spoolies' as my mom called them :)  I would go to bed the night before 'special occasions' with soft misted foam curlers on my head and would dream of my curls to come.
I had them in the cabinet (not sure why- havent used them since 5th grade) but Sova begged to try them out.  Her hair is still a bit too short so it just gave it some bounce- but I loved watching her sleep in these!  So cute.

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