"Once our eyes are opened, we can't pretend we don't know what to do. God who weighs our hearts and keeps our souls knows that we know, and holds us responsible to ACT"...Proverbs 24:12

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Memoirs of a Tagsale

 Yes, my driveway looked like a 'Once Upon A Child' store.
Where were all those baby's?  We have sooo much baby gear (some looks brand new!) and I think only a couple sold...hopefully next weekend the people w/ babies will come :)

A yard full of clothes...I thought they would never get organized- but they are all labeled now thanks to Pam!  We already sold garbage bags full of clothes!

 Under the tent
 Books, books and books

rows and rows of tables...boxes of stuff under the tables too!

PHEW...is all  have to say.

I was brought to tears many times this weekend...only once or twice from actual exhaustion....but for the most part it was the good tears.

I can write a long blurb about how hard this was and what a crazy amount of stuff we had and how we feel like we aged a few years in several days, but Im not going to :)

Yes, many many times while Mike and I were carting heavy loads into an already stuffed basement we felt a little insane but we had our slogan, 'this is a sacrifice of love hunny!'

Thursday- returning home from the hospital after 2 days w/ Jacob I look around at my basement and seriously wondered if this would really happen.

Let me tell you that it would not have, with out the love and support of so many.

Mike and I were thinking back over this weekend and we are simply blown away.

We are grateful that God answered our prayers and the 'nor'easter' of strong winds and rain that was forecasted for Friday was over by dawn and we were able to open Friday AM.

We are so grateful to sooooo many who went out of their way to gather and drop off items for our tagsale...we never imagined it to be this big!

As hard of a week it was, I am glad we went through it...seeing what other people did for us truly inspires us to be more giving of ourselves!

Here's what I see:

a friend in my driveway at 5am, knowing full well that she had less than 5 hours of sleep,

people sacrificing hours even days of their time helping us out, people cancelled appts, got babysitters, and skipped school (opps did I say that?) to help us, people showing up at our door armed w/ meals to feed my family (tears)

at one point, I ran inside my house for a quick second only to find a friend at my sink washing probably 2 days worth of dishes, my disaster of a home was now sparkling clean and she gave the kids the credit...now that really brings the tears!

We were thankful for the oppurtunites to talk w/ some cusumers about adoption and to be able to listen to their stories of how they were touched by adoption, we were given a couple oppurtuities to share our faith too.

We are just so thankful for everyone!!

And now the drum roll....everyone is asking how we did...

Our 1st financial goal was $6,000.

We have been steadily progressing up the adoption ladder and we are now at the point of being able to have our names on our agencies 'child referral' list. Now that's craziness! So, in order to be on that list we need to pay the 1st set of fee's...(which is the above goal)

This 1st weekend of the tagsale we made, $3,000. We are quite excited about that. Because we have soooo much stuff and people are offering to drop off some really great items even this week- we are going to have the tagsale for 1 more weekend.

This Friday Oct. 22 and Saturday Oct. 23 from 8-4. 111 Oak St. Southington

It's all tarped up and ready to go!

Please keep the weather in prayer and for even more people to come on out...there is still soooo much great stuff!

Thanks to so many, this is so worth it.

As my daughter said to me this weekend, "wow mommy, you did this for me too?!"


Jocelyn Barker said...

Oh. my. word. I wish I could be there because there are so many items I'm spotting just looking at the pictures! I'm so excited you did you well... and I believe next weekend will be even better!

Loriann Danko said...

Jill, I am moved to tears reading your blog. You and Mike have inspired me to serve more and to love more and to step out in faith more! What a legacy you are leaving for your children. We love you guys!

Jill T said...

Thanks Lori, but really you and your family were one of those who blew us away w/ your giving and service. Those kind acts spoke so strongly to us and have inspired us to serve others more!
Kind of cool how God puts others in our lives to act as a catylist of faith and love.