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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

T-Shirt time!

Well the link itself is pretty self expainitory.
We found another cool company that helps out w/ adoption expenses.
(Where were these 2 years ago?)

It's really simple...if you purchase a t-shirt from www.adoptionbug.com/turner (or just use the side link on blog) that company handles the shirt purchases, we get notified of the purchaser (just like the coffee) and then a portion of the proceeds go into our adoption account. For the proceeds to get to our account you would have to purchase one of the 6 shirts on our Turner family page.

Adoption is expensive and we dont expect to fund this through t-shirts and coffee BUT we think it's a fun way for people to get involved in this adoption and at the same time get some cool stuff :)

We for one cant wait to sport these shirts to advocate adoption BUT for those of you who arent 't-shirt' people...they can make cozy jammys or gym clothes!
We will also be bringing clothes to donate to the orphange- and what's cool about one of theses shirts is that it is in their language...I definatly want to bring some of these w/ us to doante.

I'm also glad to see that they have a woman's 'fitted' shirt option.
There are 6 different designs...enjoy!

And just like the coffee (link on side)
please help spread the word to your friends & family...Thanks for being part of this!

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