"Once our eyes are opened, we can't pretend we don't know what to do. God who weighs our hearts and keeps our souls knows that we know, and holds us responsible to ACT"...Proverbs 24:12

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Before we left for India I was feeling upset about leaving the boys for 10 days and how they would do and what would be going on in their little minds all that time- they were only 2 and 5! But then a friend of mine reminded me that God was not only preparing Mike and I for this adoption, and he was not just preparing Sova'a heart for us to come- but of course He new that the boys were part of this picture too and for sure we was preparing them and working in their hearts too!

That was so true- and looking back I see so many things now that God has used our 3 kids in getting His will for us accross! It's almost like they knew what was to come before us!

For almost a year now Jacob has been asking/begging if we can adopt a child from China. I'm not feeling it from China but it has always made me feel better that Jacob loves having siblings and would even want more. As he said when he was 5, "I think we should knock down this house and build a bigger one for even more orphans." Well, I would have never believed it then- but it's kind of true-we'll have to knock down some walls to make some more room for this newest addition!
Jacob is a giver- whenever he finds money or gets money he drops it right in his 'Haiti' donation jar (he made himself after the earthquake) instead of his own piggy bank. His piggy bank never has money in it...he does not allow money in it...he would rather give. He has even convinced Sova and Caleb to put all their money in the Haiti jar. The kid understands how the kingdom of God works- maybe even believes it more than most too. I have learned from him.

Her words now ring in my ears. The first time she said it- it did impact me but now I come back to her heart felt message she spoke to me in her broken English just months after being home, "Mommy, I have more room in my bed...(throwing her own special stuffed animals/dolls down to make even more room) See! I have lots of room and lots of stuff to share with more kids. We need more kids, please send daddy to go get more kids and I will give them my things because I have too much stuff!"

And my dear Caleb:
The baby who kept me up at night for 16 months straight- is the one that shot my heart with grief for all the other babies up at night crying...but no one coming for them....
I will never forget the tears we shared in that rocking chair in the wee hours that night...you my son, never forget that God used yes-' even the least of these' to do the mighty works of your Father in heaven. You my dear are called to work for 'Justice.'

I believe God used everyone of our children in getting His point across to us.

One rainy Saterday morning- all the kids were jumping on Mike in the bed and cuddling- I thought, 'perfect oppurtunity to tell them the news.' We had to repeat the news like 4 times- because we thought that maybe they werent hearing us? THey kept on laughing and playing and would kind of give us the 'oh ya- cool' thing...not exactly what I pictured but I LOVED it because it just showed us that this is 'normal' to them. They werent surprised at all because we talk about adoption, we pray for the orphans- they are so aware of the sistuation that it was kind of like, 'of course we are adopting again, why wouldnt we?'

They always talk about, 'when I grow up' stuff- where each of the kids state their future professions (which are currently J- a spy and part time worker at cousin Jacks car shop, S- a baby Dr. and C- the owner of 'Summer Bay' resort in FL :)
but Each also state that they are going to adopt their children...Jacob is currently promising me 7 Chinese grand babes! I love it!


Sarah said...

Awww they are so cute! I love them! Keep on giving Jacob and spreading the word! :)

Jocelyn Barker said...

7 Chinese grand-babies! I love it!