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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Sova-Grace!

The Big Day:

The Princess's (and prince:)
Caleb, Sova, Bella, Adellia, Annalia, Trishna, Emilia, Sophie & Josie :)
Punch Time

Decorating princess hats

Sova didnt know that the birthday person usually doesnt sing...she was the loudest one singing happy birthday!
Check it out ;) ok- I pictured it alot nicer in my head!

Sova Grace:

I have never had so much fun planning my child's birthday. This was her first celebrated birthday ever...she was waiting a long time for her day to come!
This little butterfly princess in now 5. The night before her birthday I went in and danced to music and rocked her like I sometimes do. This time I felt as if I never wanted to leave her room because I knew that the next time I saw her she would not be 4 anymore! How fast that was! I spent one year stareing at a picture of a three year old - picked up a 4 year old - and then oh how these last 10 months flew!
Teary I talked to her about how special the day of her birth really is. She didnt even know what a birthday meant besides a party, presents and cake...
I told her once again about how that is the day that she came out of her birth-mothers tummy...it is a very special day because God made her and wanted her born that day...everyone is happy that she was born and is here. She then says, 'yes- my India mommy could not give me food.' I was surprised she rememered our talk...a few months ago I explained her whole story to her and gave possible reasons why she had to wait at the orphanage for us...a question she still asks.
Nearing her Birthday I thought alot about her birth mother...the questions loom over me- and I know I will never know- but I want to know her story so badly...
This woman gave me one of the greatest gifts of my life. Her pain and sorrow has become my joy. It does not make sense- I wonder if she is alive- I wonder if she was a young girl or a woman w/ too many children- I wonder how often she thinks of the baby girl she gave birth to- I wonder if she is as beautiful Sova is- I wonder why she did that- I wonder if she wonders?

This little girl has a mighty purpose on this Earth. She was formed and created by God and has a calling on her life. She has a voice that needs to be heard. She has love that needs to be shared.
Sova-Grace you amaze me every single day. You are so sweet and compassionate. You hate hurt, sickness and pain- in Others- and try your best to help at all times. You are perceptive, thoughtful and smart. You have been through much and are going to give much.
You are a blessing and a joy. I am so excited so share my life with you as your mother. I have enjoyed dressing you in pretty dresses and making pigtails and playing tea party- more than you know, I love having a daughter! God chose you for us and us for you- I see what a perfect fit we all are. I will always stand amazed at what He did. I look forward to watching you grow up into a young lady- yet will guard your childhood years with All my might. You mean so much to us- we love you so much! And yes- from your own words, 'forever and ever!'


Jocelyn Barker said...

Oh wow...way to get a sister crying! I love you Sova-Grace!

Sarah Torchio said...

Yeah, I agree with Jocelyn....you made me cry!!!!!!!! What an amazing post, and what an amazing little girl :). Thanks for posting the pictures....looks like a fun princess party!