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Thursday, May 7, 2009

An American Citizen and a legal 'Turner!'

Today was a big day for this little girl.
Sova Grace became an American Citizen and we finalized her adoption in here in the US.
In the Indian court system we were granted 'guardianship' of her but once we brought her to the US we have to go through the US courts to legally adopt her. In India she recieved the cutest little green card to be here which now she doesnt need. They gave her a nice little diploma today and she was very proud of it...she stared at it driving home and beamed while pretending to read her name, "Sova Grace Elliana Turner." Today made her an 'offical' Turner- up until now her legal name was just 'SOVA.' She was treated to red nail polish and icecream today :)
Jacob was so excited to go to a, "courtroom and see a real judge" - I think he had some crazy image of a powerfully robed supreme court judge looking type of man. The judge was in and out in 30 seconds and wore regular business clothes....much to Jacob's disapointment he said, "THAT was HIM! "


Sarah Torchio said...

hahahaha he's so cute!!! Congratulations Sova!!

Jocelyn Barker said...

Yay!!! Congrats Sova-Grace:)